The Kings of Rock Royalty \m/

I’m in pits of nostalgia thinking about what has been, what could have been, and all sorts of somnolent things a mourning person could possibly think of. The graduation breeze is too sultry these days. There were these demonic chills. I need to make myself believe everything’s alright. It should be.

I need a cup of coffee. No. A break, perhaps. A huge cup of break. No. Just a break. A swift escape. I’m eyeing for that get-drown-in-alcohol-moment, freed myself boundlessly, and spend life like I never had one before.

Now I’m dreaming. Might as well dream big. I want to be in a rock-hard concert. I would love to be part of that biggest upcoming rock battle, if only I have the chance and the money (especially now that I officially declare myself a break). The Boracay concert on April 14 is my current ultimate desire. But, reality check, that’s impossible right now.

For the mean time, here’s the list of my all-time-fave hits from the heroes of Pinoy Rock – Tanduay Rhum’s First Five 2012.

Rico Blanco – Antukin. Instant time-travel back to 2009. This single reminds me much of those days when I’m still worry-free about what lies ahead. This track actually causes my current-self miss my previous-self. 'Gumawa na lang tayo ng (baby) paraan' never fails to give me a good laugh.

Urbandub – First of Summer. Tagged as ‘Heroes of Indie Bands’, Urbandub has been one of my absolute guilty pleasures when it comes to Indie music. I’ve always been generous enough to lend my ears to the sound of various indie local artists. And Urbandub is one of those bands that stood out exceedingly exceptional.

‘First of Summer’ was the first Urbandub single I ever encountered (2005) – which also happens to be my most-loved Urbandub single.

Kamikazee – Martyr Nyebera. Trying to keep up with Kamikazee’s utter dominance in the fun side of rock makes me forever thankful for music. Jay Contreras, his music, and the rest of the gang, are just too hilarious. 'Martyr Nyebera' will always be a favorite.

Wolfgang – Aquarius. This song is just too contagious and highly inspiring. Plus it's Wolfgang. And it's aquarius. It's rock at its finest.

Parokya Ni Edgar – Gising NaLastly, Parokya Ni Edgar is one of those few Pinoy bands I grew up worshipping. Spiritually. Literally. And ‘Gising Na’ (my current alarm tone) is yet another product of the undeniable this musical ingenuity I'm trying to talk about.

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  1. Hindi ba medyo out of place ang urbandub dito, alongside the REAL royalties of OPM rock? I mean, Wolfgang is one of the pillars of 90's rock, influencing future generations. Parokya were barons in the 90's but now real Kings of Rock, Rico Blanco is an icon of then and now. As for Kamikazee, well, I like their style, songs and music. They sound like Parokya, but still a great band. Urbandub? Hmmm... I'm also generous to indie bands, but don't you think it's too early to crown them as one of the royalties?