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Something holy for the holy season

This blog is not a porn site. And it will never be.

Some materials on this site divert towards directions other than music per se. There are really these cases wherein the story behind the story is far more botherful than the story. This particular post is one of those―Mocha Girls’ 2012 album that centered on paying tribute to Pinays, featuring body painting with Philippine Flag symbol designs, was pretty much stormed with multitude controversies on the issues of  morality, nationality, etc

I don't know enough about the law and the grounds for the lamentation of the flag as a national symbol. But if there really is such a law and it’s clearly stated in the Constitution that red and blue paints and yellow sun and stars are banned for use in body painting, then something is definitely insanely wrong. Something is seriously sickand this thing needs to be amended as sick as possible. 

Apparently, I’m on Mocha’s side on this one.

I see no point in prohibiting people for using certain symbols for a material that tries to prop up a certain cause. No one is harmed and nothing is damaged from such act, in the first place. Those who contest on the issue of the corruption of people's minds are those whose minds are corrupted rather. People just think and perceive things too shallowly. They are caged on the confines of what they believe is right and morale as dictated by the sick society and live inside that hypothetical box blinded and detached from the leviathanic reality most of the time.

Reality bites. These days, it’s not even just enough to just face it, there’s the need to bite back. And facing and biting the reality requires an open mind.

Meanwhile, Mocha Girls' latest release, 'Ipadarama', has a pretty nice theme, perfect for this holy season (which according to Mocha, isn’t holyanymore, haha). It’s a nice reminder in appreciating people around us. Feel free to give it a listen.

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