Winning Moment

I’ve been on a terrible place these days, for the first time in an incredibly long time. It’s another of those personal one-mistake-hits-forever chestnuts, though this one’s prickly not the usual. My mind’s brashly bothered. I’m sure of the things I want in life. And I’m certain this wasn’t one of those. I’m aptly on the wrong place. But I’m sure everything will soon work out just fine. I will win this battle against my weak self, just the way these next set of bother-ful odes won my heart.

Phillip Phillips (American Idol 2012, Winner) – Home. I am very much on-board, hoping it becomes as big as Kelly Clarkson’s crowning hit ‘A Moment Like This’, OR at least bigger than the other AI pieces for the last nine years. Unexplainably, it has all the elements (from the refreshingly cool vocals, the whole marching band, et cetera) necessary for a fresh, spacey, colossal ear magnet. It's terribly hooking with its infectious punch, ingenious charm, plus the undeniable magic of the fact that it’s Phillip Phillips. 

Dia Frampton (The Voice 2011, Runner-up) – The Broken Ones. I’ve once been hooked with this another hooker single―though the song itself is a huge creeper. It’s a nice one to hear the first time but unfortunately sucks upon repeated plays. But still, it’s a nice one to fall for.

Chris Rene (The X Factor USA 2012, 2nd RU) – Young Homie. There must be something wrong with you if you never find this song appealing, or good, or not bad, at least. This is one of those few near perfect eponymous records that thankfully hit the market on this pop-tart-filled music era.

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  1. Cool! mukang magnda nga lhta ng nabanggit mong kanta :))