Roxette and the rock it is

I was born and grew up in an era when Roxette was dominating the airwaves. And with me currently meddling in this fucked uplife-after-graduation and giving a huge ear to Roxette's new album that surprisingly veers off into a cleaner direction, I think it’s a lovely move to look back and step quite a bit back in time with five of this iconic duo’s most memorable hits. I’m not a huge fan to begin with, but I do found a vast expanse of their timeless hits worth posting. And I’m doing it. Right now.

Joyride – One of the most joyous pop songs ever written. No wonder the song’s still blazing two decades after its dense and bleep release.

Fading Like A Flower – An absolutely must-hear single for future die-hard music lovers. This is one of those songs I’ve been hooked to during my grade school days when people of my age were listening to Backstreet Boys’ ‘Shape of my Heart’, Westlife’s ‘My Love’, Britney Spears’ ‘Lucky’, and the likes. And loving this single during that time made me feel hugely left out, but I’m not regretting going through that phase of my life. haha 

The Centre of the Heart– Ingenious lyrics. Always sounds fresh in the most refreshing way. Needless to say, having it played around still works wonders even after a decade of its release.

It Must Have Been Love – An enduring ballad with painfully unmistakable melody and exceedingly challenging vocals. Probably one of the finest hits ever written in the 90s. Ironically, the pain in it is a fresh Bonnie Raitts’ ‘I Can’t Make You Love Me’ just served in a whole new point of view. Those glorious days..

Vulnerable – It’s shameful to admit but I love this song hugely. I could never hurt the one I loved is just cheesy sweet in the most awesome way.

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