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Lenka | Everything At Once

I have to at least have a mention about a recent nice find. While scanning the tv for some diversion, my eyes, or rather ears, met this catchy Lenka tune played for the Windows 8 commercial. This has long been circulating around, so this is essentially an overdue post. The overpowering thing about the single is the value, fun, and pop, all present and accounted for, making it an exception to that roster of forgettable pop songs. Though, it's undeniable that ‘Everything At Once’ is another of those resounding, soulless track, pretty disposable after a few repeated plays, depriving the record with that X element to have a hold grip on one's heart. 

Nevertheless, ‘Everything At Once’ is a marketable material for a flash-in-the-pan success enough to bring Windows 8 the promotion it requires.

Lenka | Everything At Once Lenka | Everything At Once Reviewed by Olivr Salangad on 7:35 AM Rating: 5

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