The Dirty Dozen Part 1

Before counting down the best hits for 2012, here is a quick rundown of the worst singles recorded for the past year. Forgive me if your favourites happen to be counted on this prestigious list of the most ear-assaulting rumpus pollutants in the airwaves. Don’t get this wrong. As usual, read at your own risk.

12. Starships – Nicki Minaj. This site is probably the only place where I can tell the world how much I hate this crap. See, I have high tolerance for craps. I really do. It’s just too distressing that people around me loves this higher-than-a-motherfvcker trash this much.

11. Sa Isang Sulyap Mo – 1:43. Though this hit made me smile for quite a while, its wide radio infestation caused my eardrums supersaturated, which is absolutely not a good thing. Getting down further to brass tacks, it’s a good thing that the world has finally moved on and buried those looming PBB Teens and Mang Inasal moments.

10. Bakit Pa Ba – Sarah Geronimo. This single has used to be a masterpiece but the moment the poop princess sang it, a gem has turned into a total boo-shit. Doing this revival is totally pointless.

9. We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together – Taylor Swift. What’s worse than those annoying we-eeeh screeches. I promise to never ever ever ever listen to this single again.

8. Beauty and a Beat – Justin Bieber feat. Nicki Minaj. Strike 2 for Nicki Minaj. One for the great douche. Way to go.

7. A Thousand Years (Part 2) – Christina Perri feat. Steve Kazee. I just didn't get the whole point of this song. It’s the same old I-have-died-everyday-waiting-for-you stuff.  


  1. bakit di gusto ung a thousand years haha
    para sakin ok lng xa haha

  2. hindi mo trip si nicki minaj, ha

    merry christmas!

  3. pinaka ayaw ko ang Beauty and a Beat na yan haha

  4. nyaaah ahahaha. naging peyborit ko pa naman yang Sa Isang Sulyap Mo hahaha!

    ayaw ko din nyang Beauty and a Beat ng baklitang si JB ewwww! hahahaha!

    Happy Christmas Oliver!

  5. Ayaw mo kay Nicki Minaj o yung kanta lang?

  6. Di ko rin bet ang Beauty and a Beat, pero like ko yun A Thousand Years. :)

  7. Naku ano kaya rank ng Pusong Bato??? excited ako sa part 2.... hehehe

  8. Ok naman ang A Thousand Years para sa akin :)

  9. Maybe I was too hard on Breaking Dawn, that's why A Thousand Years is in here.