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MMA 2013 Shameless Predix

Abra is my personal favorite  nominee for MYX Music Awards 2013. The guaranteed thing is, he'll be taking at least one win. Here's the rest of what I think would happen soon. 

Favorite Music Video. I think there will be a landslide decision for this. There's no way 'Gayuma' won't be nailing this with its exceptional narration and appeal accompanied by a thrilling storyline. 'Sirena' might give a real shock, though. 

Favorite Song. I'm not a huge Never The Strangers fan. Or not a fan at all. 'Moving Closer' is a nice song, however. I'll be counting on its commercial success to snatch this one, though I have a feeling that this category is a battle between 'I'll Be There' and 'Sirena'. Either way, I'd be happy.

Favorite Artist. I've never been right in guessing for this category. I hope it's Gloc 9 or Yeng perhaps. But the unlawful universe dictates that it's the poop princess who will take the award home for the nth time. See for yourself how the local music scene is this fucked up.

Favorite Male Artist. Much as I wanted Christian Bautista to win this after failing to give it a grip since the first Myx Music Awards, that would be some kind of impossibility as of the moment. Let's leave the prize to Abra or Gloc-9 instead. 
Favorite Female Artist. Yeng Constantino and Julie Anne San Jose are the obvious choices. Angeline Quinto might turn out to be the victor nonetheless. I will keep my faith on dark horses.

Favorite Group. Hopefully it's Kamikazee this year. Other possible winners would be Sponge Cola or Callalily. Kean Cipriano has sold himself to the dirty mainstream this year which gives Callalily all the edge. Despite that, I'm still sticking to Kamikazee. 

Favorite Urban Video. One thing's for sure, Abra won't be going home empty-handed. This award is somehow the easiest win for him. As early as now, MYX should be handing the award to Abra.
Favorite Rock Video. I'm still torn between 'Sandata' and 'Huling Sayaw' for this one. But since Wolfgang gave me a signed copy of the first part of their series album Ang Bagong Dugo Sa Lumang Ugat, I'm giving my vote to 'Sandata'. On the other hand, it would't break my heart if 'Huling Sayaw' makes it through. It's one hell of a masterpiece. It's not everyday that a song like 'Huling Sayaw' is born.

Favorite Mellow Video. Of course, it's Julie Anne San Jose. No one could contest a locked case.
Favorite New Artist. This one's frustrating because it's definitely Daniel Padilla for a sure win. But Abra could give us all a shock.

Favorite Collaboration. 'XGF' is the top underappreciated single for 2012. Having said that, it will easily lose this award to other more popular contenders e.g. 'Sirena' and 'Huling Sayaw'. Still fingers-crossed, though.

Favorite Remake. I think no one from the list of nominees deserve to win. but despite the hatred I feel towards that unglorifying remake of  EHeads hits, Callalily is still the more forgivable in such case.
Favorite Media Soundtrack Nominees.  Just the song, not the series from where it's taken.

Favorite Guest Appearance in a Music Video. This is all about Segatron. Let's go maroons.

For voting details, go to myxph.com

MMA 2013 Shameless Predix MMA 2013 Shameless Predix Reviewed by Olivr Salangad on 9:35 PM Rating: 5


  1. di ako nakaelbi. nagkaproblema ang mga bagets ko sa CWTS nila. napasugod ako sa community na pinagboboluntiran nila. sayang. kumusta ang fair?

  2. asan ang nominees? haha wa na ko alam sa music lately

  3. ^ayos naman ser. konti lang banda, pero na-enjoy naman. next year ser, magsabi ka pag pupunta ka dito. XD

  4. pareho tyo ng vote sa fave song! never the strangers woot!:)

  5. bet ko si zia.. sayang at wala sa myx app ito.. puro sa charts lang pwedeng bumoto..

  6. i just thought bakit nakaka sali c Da*** Pa**** sa list....marunong ba xang kumanta?...wala lang...di ko masyadong bet...i won't say more...baka kasi awayin ako ng fans nya...hehehe



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