Afterthoughts for an Aftertaste

This post is a response to Ser Overthinker’s SG Trip Playlist post. 

Initially intended as a comment, I decided to put this as a blog entry as I was amazed by its length when I was about to post it. I instantly did a quick editing and transformed it into this list with a trimmed list of five of my most-loved tracks off Ser Overthinker's playlist. 

1904 – Benjamin Francis Leftwich. I accidentally learned about the existence of Benjamin Francis Leftwich because of his cover of The Killers’ ‘When You Were Young’ which was my ultimate guilty pleasure during senior high years, if I remember right. Lately, I’ve also learned about his cover of Arcade Fire’s ‘Rebellion (Lies)’ and since then, I started digging more tracks from this artist including a good dig entitled ‘1904’. This is an overflowing  track with shockingly refreshing depth and honest nature delivered in a delicately composed voice. 

Ikot ng Mundo – Bamboo. I missed to talk about this track on this blog before, so I’m using this opportunity to talk about it this time. This is not my favorite off No Water, No Moon but I still admire how the lyrics was poetically crafted into something rhythmically pleasant to the ears. This single brings one onto realization that some things, no matter how terrible may seem, aren’t totally bad. This is a good background while on board. 

The Cave – Mumford & Sons. I have always been a huge M&F fan, that which caused me to dig every single track of them. ‘The Cave’ may not be one of the best tracks from the group but I deeply admire its humble origins. I feel a little depressed of the song’s lyrics despite its attempted positive ambiguity. The lyrics is floating as it only mean half as much as it seems to. However, the usual M&F soundscape of earthy guitar and intoxicating banjo is still satirically evident on it, which, is a good thing. Overall, it may not be good as ‘Little Lion Man’ and their future hit ‘I Will Wait’, but it’s worth all the praise.

Home – Phillip Phillips. This song has been a national anthem ever since Phillip Phillips and the whole marching band performed this on that whole crappy show. S till, I think this is the best coronation song ever for Idol. On a side note, you might want to dig more of Phillip Phillips' The World form The Side of the Moon.

Crash Into Me – Dave Matthews Band. First, I’d like to commend on Carter Beauford’s expansive drumming and Stefan Lessar’s obedient bass, contributing to the magic in all its musically tight, sexy DMB sound. Second, I would like to say that I’m somewhat torn if this track is a love song because every time I give it a spin, I crash on something, all over again. And third, 

You might find it redundant seeing Dave Matthews Band, Mumford & Sons, and Phillip Phillips on this list. But might as well enjoy this sweet redundancy.


  1. Relaxing 'tong list ngayon. Will start digging BFL and DMB's songs.

    'Wag kang mawawala tulad ng sinabi mo sa last post pre, you give me great songs to listen to. :)

  2. Ha ha imagine a comment that turned into a post sa haba - blogger na blogger ang arrived mo Olvr!

  3. ung home pa lang ata napapakinggan ko dito1 at trip ko din yang song na yan!
    tignan ko later ung kay bamboo! idol ko yan ee

  4. Gord: Relaxing nga. Para makapagpahinga ng maayos si Ser Overthinker habang nasa Sg. XD
    Miss B: Sobrang madaliang post nga to. Isang diretsong sulat, wala nang edit-edit. Kaya aayusin ko maya dahil umaapaw ito sa grammatical errors.
    MEcoy: Medyo luma na yung Ikot ng Mundo. Pero parang bago lagi.

  5. I admire the way you describe each and every musician and their song/songs. I cannot do the way you write about them. Great reviews!

  6. Thank you Ser Jonathan. As always.

  7. ser olivr! ang galing mo talaga magsulat! owsam na owsam ang pagbibigay larawan sa bawat musika. pambihira ka. isipin mo komento pa lang yan na naging blog. napaisip tuloy ako kung anong ginagawa mo sa kemistri. hahaha.

    pasukan na ulit ng mga iskolar. magulo ang enrolment nitong mga nakaraang araw. madaming pagbabago shiz.

    PS. naenjoy ko ang SG. Ubos ang salapi. haha.

  8. sobrang late comment to ser. mabuti at nagenjoy ka sa SG. XD