blink-182 | Bored to Death

Thumbs up for old times’ sake, as blink-182’s comeback in “bored to Death” off California sans Tom is quite disappointing in so many levels. The lyric video’s out and my expectations were clearly not met. I mean, life is too short to last long? Seriously? What happened to "All the small things" or "What's my age again?", or "Carousel"? I believe they could have done better than this. So far not so good. But the rest of the tracks still hold a certain promise.

Below are the titles coming up..
1. Cynical
3. She's out of Her Mind
4. Los Angeles
5. Sober
6. Built This Pool
7. No Future
8. Home is Such a Lonely Place
9. Kings of the Weekend
10. Teenage Satellites
11. Left Alone
12. Rabbit Hole
13. San Diego
14. The Only Thing That Matters
15. California
16. Bohemian Rhapsody

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