Itchyworms | Dalawang Letra

Now that the Himig Handog war is over, and the dust of bitterness have finally settled, let me give my take on the event’s conclusion before giving the eventual winner the good review it deserves.

Foremost, I would like to take pride on correctly guessing 3 out of the 5 victors for the night, as always, just like in the past years. While it’s true that I was quite disappointed with how “Ambon” fared in the show, it’s also true that I’ve easily learned to move on, though I firmly believe my stand that the judges were dead wrong on that note. The pa-consuelo is, they’ve made a brilliant call on their top choice – that Davey Langit-Itchyworms collaboration is a well-deserved victor.

It’s refreshing that a less dramatic entry finally made it for a huge win. “Dalawang Letra” is your typical story of unrequited love in a nutshell but is specially transcribed in a modern poetic web. But the more interesting part of it is the unconventional music vid – the twist and turns of fate illustrating Sue Ramirez on the hopia end while desperately chasing over Marlou in his unusual heartthrob self. I mean, genius. The track takes on such relatable matter as blinded love, leading to the light path of rejection, told in the most ironic way possible, presents the positive side of things thru moving on, and eventually finding that happy conclusion. Yeah, the classic cycle.

Nagmahal. Nasaktan. Nag move-on. And so on..

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