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Okay, Never the Strangers has graced the UPLB grounds two months ago in line with the annual UPLB Feb Fair.

I was actually there for the week-long event, and I did keep coming back time and time again even when at the very first day, I said “this was the last time” like an abused spouse delusional to the truth that is so apparent. For five nights, the elbi community had a good round of Ebe Dancel, Gloc9, Sponge Cola, Ang Bandang Shirley, Oh Flamingo, et cetera; Never The Strangers included. It actually felt awkward watching them when all there is I know were “Moving Closer”, “Bago Mahuli ang Lahat” and “Alive”, with the former, being the only track on their set list that night. Plus, these hits were up in the airwaves three years ago already, that it promptly made me feel a little old and outdated all the more.

This very incident then brought me to finally introduce myself with their latest one called Screenburn; quite a mixture of good and just okay records. Honestly, Screenburn is a dichotomy of opposing forces – ti’s not hugely impressive but it has few gems with instant impact in it. This includes the interestingly, 80s-inspired “Showbiz” with the opening keyboard effects somewhat reminiscent of Muse’s “Starlight”. It’s a whopping crisp as fuck, that you’ll love it even if you’ll sort of hate the rest. And it’s a good thing it’s made as the second single release.

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