Acapellago feat. Jimmy Marquez | Stars are Aligned

though “Stars are Aligned” is not on my personal list of favorites, I bet it has a good fighting chance with regards to the competition. Aside from the incoherence in the lyrics and a few more vague lines that needs further revising (e.g. the stars brightly make up the dark light), which could have been band-aid-ed with a little more effort in editing, it has all the other tricks to pull to win the race. Here are some if those.

1. ‘Stars are Aligned’, being the feel good song that it is, is overflowing with optimism and shades of empowerment – that which I think, is its main weapon for #PhilPop2016. We are so used to negativities all over the country these days that we somehow need such uplifting tracks to somehow preserve the balance among things. It’s quite timely to some extent. #ChangeIsComing anyone?

2. It’s unique. As far as my memory serves me, there is no a cappella interpreter for the past five colorful years of PhilPop. As Mr. Ryan Cayabyab pointed out previously, to be different is equated to standing out. True enough.

3. It’s a breath of fresh air. We have heard a lot of Thyro and Yumi brand of music in the past, effortlessly slaying the competition outright. And though it’s not a bad thing, it’s rather refreshing to have another formula which deviates from the usual trend in the recent past, but offers an equally good alternative.

4. And lastly, as I earlier pointed out, the title itself is so suggestive of good things coming up. 

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