Banda ni Kleggy feat. Aikee | Pabili Po

There’s a huge part of me that hates hinog sa pilit songs. Those types in which some good lyrics excerpts are ridiculously copy-pasted and are incorporated to the very wrong parts of the song, for the sake of putting it there.

Then there’s this small part of me that loves those well-thought-of and witty ones. You know, those that just flows down naturally.

“Pabili Po” is somewhere in the gray area.

With the advent of hugot jokes in the very recent past and even in current trends, it’s not really surprising to have hugot-inspired songs going on around these days. And in all fairness to “Pabili Po”, it’s enough-ly cohesive and heavily on point with respect to the kind of theme and direction the song tries to point towards to. It somehow crosses that thin fine line between being clever and being trying hard, weighing in to the former. It presents a good contrast of being a raw novelty hit yet at some point, is actually a serious one, a good source of moral lessons, even. 

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