The Revenge of the Forgotten

Gone are those tedious hours of rushing lab reports and other stuff for school. I’m almost done with the nearly excruciating but dearly enticing journey of college life. I can barely declare ― the return of sunlight on me is very much welcome now (save for thesis). And probably, nice things to match these quality hours these days are some winding down hits from artists most of us might have grew up with which were somehow lost along the way. These three songs on this list are graced by three of the prettiest musicians who were on top of their music careers some n years ago but chose to be in hiatus for n different reasons.

Carousel – Vanessa Carlton Vid: hereHeard it first in Jam 88.3 sometime on early June, the song’s been a huge one in my playlist back then. At any rate, I will admit that the tune’s not as catchy as her 2002 hit ‘A Thousand Miles’ (which I’m listening to right now) and her 2004 jam ‘White Houses’, though the song’s perfectly suited for a wrecking comeback. There’s something conjuring with the melody that makes it extraordinarily special, whimsical. This song is not overtly chirpy, not too depressing either, just right to evoke a calmer, breezy, and a totally relaxing atmosphere. And for people who seek peace and serenity, I think this song’s not hard to love.

Loud Music – Michelle Branch Vid: hereUnlike the soulful, hushed, and poignant return of Vanessa Carlton, Michelle Branch is back in a shrilling mode with ‘Loud Music’.The song have that enough radio-friendly appeal which deeply reminds me of hits like ‘Everywhere’, ‘Are You Happy Now’ and ‘Game of Love’. And just a piece of confession, the song’s been a personal guilty pleasure already for quite some time.

Disaster – JoJo Vid: here'Disaster’ is the lead single to JoJo’s highly anticipated album Jumping Trains after six years break since ‘Too Little Too Late’. Another awesome hit. 

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