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Indie.. nila alam

When it comes to good music, there really are these artists who are supposedly on top of the game but are unfortunately down the line, obscured from the general audience for you-know-what reasons, devastatedly caught on the web; which is a badly looming trend. We’re on this stage when the crazy notion about Indie is still alive.. bilang musikang Indie alam ng marami which shouldn’t be the case forever. In support to that, it’s time for this site to set aside those moments of being a pleaser, concentratedly talking about mainstream shits to feed a greater audience’s desires for traffic’s sake (now we’re dealing for a paradigm shift here). Don’t expect this site to be an Indie blog, though.

For now, Typecast is partially an exception to this list but I’m still including them here anyway. After enjoying the mainstream feel from the underground, this Indie group has already been mainstreamed-out after their conclusive mainstream success for the last decade.

Reverend’s Daughter’, Typecast’s latest track from their 2011 How Your Influence Betrays You album, isn’t totally a new thing, though the video just came out weeks ago. Drenched with the usual escalating hardcore punk roots, ‘Reverend’s Daughter’ is somewhat a post-‘Will I Ever Learn’-feeler. The musical eccentricity of the two singles isn’t mutually exclusive as evidenced by the indirect and slight sequentiality in their lyrics. This track explores the inner spot of a learned man from a deep and dark heartbreak contrast to a yet-unresolved and caged desolation explored in ‘Will You Ever Learn’.

Another heavy track currently on the eerie rise is Chvrches’ ‘The Mother We Share’, an entirely bitter synth which is the trio’s sophomore release next to the electro-throb ‘Lies’. ‘The Mother We Share’ is relatively softer compared to the rollicking ‘Lies’ drowned in the melancholic mix of sparkling keyboards and bouncy drum claps. Just a word of caution―once you give these guys an ear, expect to be an unexpected fan.

Finally, PVT is on with ‘Window’. This won’t probably suit your sentimental taste but could actually intensify your bored ears. With its brokenly anthemic tune funkly slithering in the weirdest lovely way, it’s a challenging job to extract that oozing sense it tries to extend in the most pop-less way. 

Indie.. nila alam Indie.. nila alam Reviewed by Olivr on 7:31 AM Rating: 5


  1. Pero yung totoo, masyado kasing trending yang mga RnB, rock, Punk, Techno at Love songs etc. Karamihan sa mga tao e yung "sikat" lang ang mga alam. sa panahon ngayon, bihira lang talaga yung mga taong kumakalas sa nakaugalian na at nag "eexplore" ng other music genre.

  2. My nephew is a lead guitarist of their school rock band "WordsWorth" and I remember he really likes the song of Typekast "Reverend's Daughter.

    There are lots of musicians may it be bands or soloist who aren't given an equal platform to shine or exposure isn't enough despite them creating more relevant music on the side. I hope they can be recognized and be given higher chance of penetrating the mainstream and share their piece of music.

  3. di ko kasi nakalakihan yung opm hays peo familiar ako sa name nila
    saka ung mga filipino songs na nadidinig ko kilala ko pas napakinggan ko kahit di ko alam ung title at artist nageenjoy ako

  4. I've got some friends who make super awesome rock music. Got a couple of recorded cds, their own memorabilias (seriously), even got invites to Singapore for a concert, but their band is still considered Indie (sikat) in their own motherland. .so sad. .I mean considering they have ridiculously awesome talent over the mainstream folks.

  5. I like listening to Indie music - something new, fresh - unlike the same old music always playing on the radio.

  6. Typecast lang alam ko dito. I love indie music, but not so much with opm indie eh. Anyways, just came across your blog and I decided to check it out. Curious lang, you're from UPLB noh? Kasi ako din. Hehe. :)

  7. THANKS for the share!
    I've been planning to check out this genre and I'm sure be doing it soon! :P

  8. Indie songs or band is a breath of new air...sakit sa tenga yong mga laging kng naririnig sa radyo or sa mall...I personally don"t love rock songs but once it has a good lyrics I give a good shot:)

  9. Indie ko din alam eto. dyuk! I like listening din sa mga indie music paminsan minsan para maiba naman pero ngayon Christmas song muna. hehe


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