The Beat Box Extra 2012

In addition to the best-and-worst-hits-of-the-year-lists, I still have a bunch more of singles which deserve honorable mentions, at least, for contributing a significant part in defining my 2012. Here’s another look at those singles from way back kicking this heavy shitstorm of a nitty-gritty 2012. Again, this is a personal list, one man’s perfect playlist is another man’s argument.

Without Me – Eminem (2002). Now this looks like a job for me.. so everybody please bear with me. This used to be an ultimate personal fave 10 years ago. And it still is now. Especially, during the last hard rounds I had with my thesis. 

Impossible – James Arthur (2012). This is one case of that 0.0001% chances wherein a revival totally knocks out the original. It’s a huge mistake that Shontelle have recorded this hit first. Hearing this single from the latest X Factor UK winner gives the piece an enthralling breath of fresh air.

Deep – Binocular (2001). I just reclaimed that deep feeling I’m feeling deeply about it. I once fell out of love with this single due to overplaying that I needed a couple of years (a decade +) without listening to it before giving it the love it deserves. 

Shake It Out – Florence + The Machine (2011). Barely missing a spot on that list last year, today’s the best time to honor this timeless hit. This song will forever remind me of that HIMYM scene of Ted and Robin.. cutting some things.. permanently.. perhaps.. which was such a hard hit.. here:   

Sweet Disposition – Temper Trap (2008). 500 Days of Summer, remember? This is one of the best singles from one of the best movies ever existed. 

Ikaw At Ako – Johnoy Danao (2010). This has been a favorite ever since, but its inclusion on the A Beautiful Affair string of tracks zinged things up. Now it grew on me as an all-time-fave. The tune sounds like a requiem but the lyrics is an overpowering love story only people who have truly felt it could understand.

Come On Eileen – Dexys Midnight Runners (1982). Thanks to Perks of Being a Wallflower. That thought of Emma Watson crazily dancing/ being crazy out of this tune was just crazy. And this song doesn't sound 80s at all to me.

Clinically Dead For 16 Hours – The Camerawalls (2008). I was a struggling (literally) sophomore student during that time this single was released, an era I don’t want to look back to. But this Camerawalls track is something I'll always want to look listen back to.

Maselang Bahaghari – Eraserheads (1999). This list is expected to contain at least an Eraserheads hit. And it's 'Maselang Bahaghari' that remains to be the top-played single in my playlist for a few months now. And if I have to do this list next year, ‘Maselan..’ will definitely be there again.

Perpekto – Dong Abay (2006). This.

Happy holidays everyone! Happy new year.


  1. gusto ko yung guess who's back, back again nyahaha. Ayos din yung Binocular pati yung dont say goodbye say good night may pagka mellow rock ng kaunti yung genre nun at wala ako masabi kung pasok ang Eheads ehehe.

  2. ^ haha. kabisado ko dati yung Without Me.
    Ayos din yung DSGBSGN, pero Deep parin ako.
    At, EHeads. automatic na yun dre.

  3. i love deep and maselang bahaghari ;-) happy new year

  4. ^that's nice to know, Phioxee. Happy new year to you.

  5. Solid Eheads fan ka ah.

    Happy New Year Sir Olivr :)

  6. ^Sila kasi pinapakinggan ko nung lumalaki ako. Happy new year din King Archie!

  7. Naging peyborit ko din yung Maselang Bahaghari ng E-heads!

    Happy 2013 Olivr!

  8. ala wala ata ako alam dito sa mga to ahh pachencha na jaja

  9. More cool music for the new year.
    Happy 2013!

  10. @Fiel-Kun: para yan sa'ting nag-i-emohan. Manigong bagong taon.
    @MEcoy: no prob. happy new yr ulit!
    @Denoy E: We'll all hope for that. Cheers!

  11. astig nga ang Maselang Bahaghari... like ko din ung Ikaw at AKo..

    Happy Happy New Year ^^

  12. Shake It Out – Florence + The Machine --pasok sa backgrounds song sa mga late night works. salamat.

    Clinically Dead For 16 Hours – The Camerawalls (2008) --lakas ng tama ng mga linyang "Clinically dead for sixteen hours
    Crossing all the roads where lines began"

  13. Eraserheads still my mainstream. Laking El bimbo ako.

  14. what a great list again.... I love sweet disposition and e-heads!