Linkin Park | Final Masquerade

Arguably the best Hunting Party track, ‘Final Masquerade’ is ironically not of a tinge of Meteora and Hybrid Theory, two of the most dangerously glorious albums of Linkin Park, in which I must say, should not be an issue at all as people keep on arguing and comparing these Linkin Park’s present and past shits. There is actually no valid point in finding those ‘In The End’ feels out of today’s hunt. Both ends are good dibs. Linkin Park might have evolved into something of some sort which is an inevitable part of musical growth that which I bet some people must’ve forgot to live up to. The bottom line is, eat ‘Final Masquerade’ and the Hunting Party as they are. Swallow it if you can, otherwise, then not. Just leave it that way.

Truly, Linkin Park has the most complicated fans out there, and this riot is crystal clearly seen as its coming. Going back, the track is elegantly aggressive in a lot of beautiful ways as its flowery appeal.

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