Ang Bandang Shirley | Umaapaw

I was probably among the first 100 youtube viewers to actually experience the awesomeness of this gem. But as the #UPHellWeek deemed it necessary for me to stay away from the internet and everything associated with it, this post comes this late.

So let me take it direct to the point from this point onwards..

It’s the best local track to come out this year, so far.

And by best, I mean it has the best of everything – the arrangement, the lyrics (yes, it’s fuckigly well-written), equipped with an overflowing charm. It’s such a joy to relish and celebrate romance through such simple yet heartfelt expression of love, with all those littlest but sincerest details of adoration. The song was all about simply being in love, no time, or space, so spared from the clich├ęd forever, ultimately bared of the proverbial always. For it being timeless, I thought I found the beauty of love itself on it – appreciating it from anywhere or anytime, say from the middle, then later go back to the beginning, and the end will take care of itself.

And oh, check out that subtle feature of the UPLB campus in the background.

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