Kurt Kuenne | Crime of Passion

Blacklist Season 3 Episode 20 Spoiler Alert!

How about that heartbreaking piano backdrop towards the end of The Blacklist’s The Artax Network episode over subsequent montages.. Harold’s refusal of Charlene’s invite, Samar leaving the quarters, Ressler finds Liz’ wooden foot massager, Tom swaddling poor Agnes, while Aram breaks in tears while in solitude? Basically, there’s no need for the lyrics since the piece already sung for itself. The piece was too powerful that it further aggravates the unavoidable after-effects of Liz’ painful passing. Red was given an entire previous episode to mourn, yet these people equally dear to Liz weren’t given enough focus as to how they were insofar coping up with the tragic event, then this song happened. Download: here 

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