Syato | Panaginip Lamang

I have a crumb of confession to make – an honest confession by that. Last March 27, I had that twitterpating-lunacy, that you-know-what feeling, that hilariously thumped the deepest of my sanity. The scene: hereThe clip is the teaser of Your Song presents Kim’s final offering which happened to be the sole episode I managed to watch by some random chance. Soon I realized that I was badly hooked with the soundtrack, then there automatically comes the unexpected LSS, followed by the I-need-to-download-that-song panic, until the song hopelessly grew like a zombie polyp slowly eating up my brains. 

And the culprit behind is no less than the amazing Pinoy alternative rock band Syato composed of Mark Villa Gomez in vocals, music journalist Yugel Losorata (responsible in writing Panaginip Lamang) on bass, Arly Laguardia in drums, and Jimmy Velasquez (lead) and JM delos Santos (rhythm) in guitars – the same great guys behind ‘Tibo’, ‘Gabing Bilog ang Buwan’, and ‘Broken Tuesday’ if you happen to be familiar with these tracks.

And then I purposely came across their Facebook page. And you might want to visit it too.

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