Playlist Monsters

From the moment I shifted to iTunes last January, not-too-old-school faves dominated my Most Played list e.g. 'Viva La Vida', 'How to save a life', 'Smells Like Teen Spirit', and 'Creep'. Also, hits like 'Rocketeer', 'Pumped Up Kicks', and 'Dynamite' did a fair share on the rolls. Recently, there are these few summer anthems rocking my sleepless nights while rushing Biochemistry laboratory reports which are, more often than not, due the next day.

Where Do Broken Hearts Go – Pia Toscano. I hate to admit it but this slight upbeat Pia Toscano version of a Whitney Houston classic is just alarmingly contagious, unstoppably playing in my brain these days. This is probably due to that devastating ousting shock two weeks ago. Just wondering where did Pia's broken AI heart go.

Rolling In the Deep – Adele. This single is just too huge. Haley Reinhart also did this song during the 21st Century week on Idol and it was a smugly I-can-win-this-whole-thing performance for the jazzy contender. She sounded equally good as Adele except for those unnecessary growls and irritating snarls.

I Guess That’s Why They Call It The Blues – Paul McDonald. It’s quite absurd picking a particular Paul McDonald hit since nearly all those alcoholic performances of him are gaining huge plays in my playlist. 

Jump into the Fog – The Wombats. I’m fervently addicted on this Wombats hit as of now for some unknown reason – rhythm dynamism, chorus suppleness, epic killer arrangement. The tune’s just overratedly LSS-inducing.

Animal – Neon Trees. I live, eat and breathe this song right now. No less than that.

Rope – Foo Fighters. I easily fell in love with this tune. Big time. There’s something uniquely special about the arrangement and the song’s very framework – it’s maturely and geniusly well-written. The song isn’t another of those typically competitive hits in the market which largely gain sudden popularity and eventually easily forgotten. ‘Rope’ has that pulsating beat made up of artistic rhythm, soothing and classy mixes expertly coalesced into a sure-fire hit, really worthwhile to have off pat. The beat has that strong retaining capability, another Foos single to be proud about, or in my case, another bother-ful song to memorize.

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