Scotty doesn’t know

I’m quite happy on the result of the 10th season of American Idol despite the snoozy performance night. The whole Scotty-nailing-America thing was amazing too. Plus, the tension of might-be-seeing Haley instead of a Lauren-who-lost-her-voice prior to the performance night zinged things up. The season just ended which as usual left me songs to be crazy about.

What Is And What Should Never Be – Haley ReinhartThis psychedelic Led Zeppelin single was never a substantial part of my musical system though I already had a swift encounter with this tune years back somewhere somehow. I had always view the song pleasant – good, but not the sort of hit that urged me that I-need-to-download-that-one panic. And Haley was the seed crystal precipitating out that total adoration I’m currently feeling towards it right now.

Scotty doesn’t know about the nine cat-lives of Haley Reinhart which was later proven wrong. She had 11 lives, rather.

If I Die Young – Lauren Alaina. This The Band Perry song performance of Lauren changed my head 180 degrees of who I wanted to see in the finale. Surprisingly, I think it’s safe to say I re-fell in love with Lauren with this one. It’s a tap at my back to finally let go of Haley during the semi-finals week and rather wish to send Lauren to finals. And America got it right. American Idol was one hell of a fantasy and Lauren fits well with the whole set-up.  Though, it was not a happy ever after for Lauren by the end of the show as she placed second.

Scotty doesn’t know how much I loved his ‘I Told You So’ performance with Lauren on an elimination round during the early weeks.

Always on my Mind – Scotty McCreery. I loved this song since time unknown. I think Scotty managed to make people love this hit even more the moment he performed this on Idol stage.

Scotty Doesn't know I'm also loving 'I LoveYou This Big' this big.

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