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It’s been quite a while since the last set of worth-posting songs came out of this blog. Not that the current hits aren’t worth the post. There really are just a few other things that bother me to a more extent. I’ve actually wanted to put these hits in here weeks ago but that one thing (they call time) just hinders me that hard. That is why this list was set aside for quite sometime.

Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall – Coldplay. I’m extremely annoyed whenever I’m hearing the song. There really are these moments I’m forced of thinking that the song’s exactly about a certain situation I once had, which rarely happens. Or – I guess the heavy rainfall just makes me a bit delusional. But honestly, this Mylo Xyloto single wedged my mind and soul for it the same way ‘The Scientist’ did. Memories are flashing back. Vid: here

Jet Lag – Simple Plan feat. Natasha Bedingfield. I've heard this song for around thrice only as of now but I sort of memorized the lyrics already. Listener friendly. It’s a breath of fresh air to heed Natasha Bedingfield and Simple Plan in a single track – it’s a total unforeseen collaboration. Vid: here

Don’t Let Me Go – The Click Five. ‘Don’t Let me Go’ is just exceedingly contagious. This is an easy listening track that instantly reminded me of ‘Empty’ and those nights I try to figure things out. The song simply clears those emotional barriers off that were sturdily built around my apathetic thoughts. Disemboweling The Click Five from my system right now would really be tough act. Vid: here

The Last Goodbye – David Cook. This single proves that David Cook is truly back and it’s as well nice to know that he quite reinvented himself for good. David Cook was absent in the music kitchen for a while, but then he wised up, prepared a one-of-a-kind recipe, spiced things up, then came out of pop with this oozing product, an auditory yum – 'The Last Goodbye'. Vid: here

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  1. 17. Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall – Coldplay is nice, I dont really like the others.