A Dose of Tanya Markova

I can’t exactly bear in mind the earliest instance when that full of novelty and humor Tanya-Markova-sound impressed in my musical sensibilities and stole the littlest of my radio affection. From then on, I was admittedly hooked and prudently obsessed with the sound without knowing the slightest of the owner of the voices behind―not until ‘Picture Picture’ and ‘Disney’ finally rose in various local charts that the very distinct Tanya Markova, the artist themselves, was finally foreign-no-more to me. 'Disney' vid: here

It’s quite jaded to speak about the members for the nth time since other sites have been doing the same thing over again. But, I still find the need to do the same thing for the benefit of those who barely know something about the group and to those lazy enough to extend their fingers, do some clicks, and do some searching.

Tanya Markova is composed of eight members with stage names as strange as the lyrics of their hits: Angelo del Pilar (Iwa Motors – vocals), Harlon Agsaoay (Norma Love – vocals, tambourine), Pipoy Alejandro (Mowmow – back-up, entertainer), Jasper Borbajo (Heart Abunda – keyboard), Edu Broce (Rufa Mae Milby – drums), Kix Chavez (Skrovak Iskopanjo – bass), Kid Guevarra (Jennylyn Sucaldito – guitars), and Rhan Sabas (Rez Curtis – guitars).

Interesting enough, the band puts much curiosity to the audience having those fresh uncanny ideas which however, very well worked on their advantage, especially in establishing their identity as a group. It’s quite hard to seduce audience with a new, out-of-nowhere music genre, but they did. Tanya Markova proffers a spanking new genre labelled as shock pop really endowed with originality and ingenuity. The very thought of hearing new unfamiliar yet friendly sound is an extraordinary tonic.

Nonetheless, digging a little deeper reveals the presence of certain defects that are I think, by some means inadvertent. No doubt, the checklist for this first-rate 21st century group is full of checks beyond their capacity, BUT, they too like anybody else aren’t exempted from controversies regarding the things they wanted to share. This next video is one among those. ‘Linda Blair’ is so far my favorite TM hit to date. Though some people (e.g. teachers) found the lyrics offensive. Despite this, I still fell for it like a nightmare. I mean big time.

And finally, after a somehow quick absence from the airwaves (I haven’t heard much from them lately), Tanya Markova is back with another refreshingly contagious hit that would surely fly on various music charts in the coming weeks. View it here.

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