The Furious Face of Emma Watson

I’m alone in the lab. My clock reads 12 noon and I wanted some sleep since I haven’t had enough of it last night. My eyes are drooping, and falling flat on my face from some mild form of fatigue would be the most logical thing to do. And my body hurts a bit and so I wanted to really have some rest. But at this point, I have to temporarily take this laziness aside. I have been in the university for almost five years already and that I badly need to leave soon. For the mean time, here’s a list of some of the pottery songs which bother me lately.

AJ Rafael – Emma Watson. ‘Emma Watson’ is a track off Red Roses, penned and sang by AJ Rafael for Harry Potter star Emma Watson. Though the song’s quite catchy, it’s senseless. Imagine Hermione in huge fury while hearing this junky. Video: here

Girls’ Generation – The Boys. So the news broke the other week about Daniel Radcliffe, liking Girls' Generation and revealing he has a copy of the group’s CD -- which brings ‘The Boys’ on the list. Video: here.

Ed Sheeran – Lego House. I’m an official Ed Sheeran fan now. ‘Lego House’ is a single off which features Ruper Grint lip-synching on the music vid, released October last year. Video: here.

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