The ex Files

People change like the seasons as some things are destined to expire. That’s how ex-es are made, or invented, in some cases ― something worth exalting turns out exceedingly exasperating resulting to the excision of one’s feelings that which needs an exigent expediency. In most cases, ex anecdotes are too extirpative, thus, needs to be to expunged, or excreted from one’s system. This is the case that should never be a case in the first place ― the case of the ex. Consequently, here are some ex stories currently lurking around the airwaves.

First ex case: Sarah Geronimo's 'Bakit Pa Ba'. The song’s main plot is simple―moving-on dilemma. It’s insane why people love to engage in getting their own asses in trouble when there are wide array of options not to. Ex is a prefix which means out of, beyond, former, etc. Then ex denotes something that is necessarily, over. Consequently, there’s no point in whining―or crying over something that's essentially over, or gone, such as spilled ex milk.

Kelly Clarkson  ‘Stronger’. Another stern ex story; empowered ex, in particular. Though, there are still traces of bitterness sensed in it. It tells the story of someone whose heart is enoughly well-guarded, probably prepared to be an ex

‘Set Fire To The Rain’. Adele has the most exquisite ex story to share since every single off 21 revolves around this sucky topic. Funny how such an ex-inspired LP brought her numerous chart-topping hits, exceedingly break-out record sales, and bunch of outstanding performance awards internationally. 

Kamikazee  ‘Halik’. Failed relationship. It’s a cute one, however. I know someone out there who pushed too hard, didn’t get what he came for and somehow lost what he came with, and eventually became an ex. Cute story, just to reiterate. XD

Finally, here is a non-ex tale: X-Factor losers under the management of Simon Cowell are on the rise these days. One Direction’s ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ and ‘One Thing’ are polluting the airwaves.

And the bottom line: never give more of yourself than you are comfortable of giving. That’s to save you from unnecessary pains and heartaches of being an ex.

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