The tallest kings of the music jungle

As Tall As Lions – even taller than any lion ever existed.

As Tall As Lions, composed of some High School friends, is an Indie rock band from NY formed on December 2001 but was disbanded later in 2010. After working together for almost a decade, the band ceased to further make music but left people with worth keeping memories through three albums released and a couple of tours they’ve graced.
This post will be short. Something inside me just craved to share my thoughts and tale of how I started to fall in love with this band that was already extinct at that time I discovered them sometime around mid-November 2010 including five of their best hits from my perspective. I learned about the group's existence from a site I can’t anymore remember one cosy afternoon while wandering around the online music world. The agony of starting to love their music knowing that they’re nothing but a mere memory, however, is quite painful. It’s the same thing as loving someone who had been there just beside you for years without the tiniest hint that that someone is more than special until everything’s unfortunately too late. That which then boils down to committing a series of similar mistakes all over again, doing insane things that rather hurt after learning the painful reality instead of finding ways to heal the gash. Sorry for the inappropriate metaphor.

Btw, I have a long list of favorite hits from this band – hypnotizing vocals, groovy instrumentals, and highly-relatable lyrics. Every ATAL single is just as good and as meaningful as the other. These hits were my company during those unfortunate days in the past few months. After the turmoil, adversity, and chaos, all those moving-on-remnants are now all off. But liisted down below are five of my most loved tracks from the band.

First on list is this song that incessantly haunts me, comforts me, and blows me away – ‘Ghost of York’. Nice song about imaginary friends. This single gave me those comforting chills in the middle of those loneliest November nights I ever had in my entire life.

'Stab City' speaks about my memories of Room 4212, Vet Dorm, UPLB. "Open your eyes once and try to see" is just an epic lyrics.

‘Love, Love, Love’. A single about unspoken feeling. Tragic. Really tragic.

‘Maybe I’m Just Tired’. This song means a lot to me, complexities about love, other related fields, and everything else in between.

‘Milk and Honey’. Finally, their incredibly, most painful song.

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