Playlist Monsters

I’m in the midst of a heavy work―an essential part towards the completion of this crazy-huge-college-shit called thesis. I’m dead beat, and seriously, I feel like nodding off into that faraway place called dreamland. But, I, Just, Can’t. So I’m declaring a 30-minute split instead. I think it’s the best time to have a quick mention of these few singles my ears are glued to for these past few weeks. As I’m writing this, my ears are partying with these ear-candies on the background. So to say.

The Maine – Like We Did 1.75 

SHINee – Sherlock 1.75 Vid: here 

The Wanted – Chasing The Sun 1.50 Vid: here 

Neon Trees – Everybody Talks 1.00 Vid: here 

Maroon 5 feat. Wiz Khalifa – Payphone 1.00 Lyric vid: here

Now I’m going back to work. 

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