Playlist Monsters

I’m a pessimist. Probably, I cannot change this part of myself. And there will always be a little greater case of pessimism in me than optimism. But I will never rule out optimism. Actually, being a pessimist doesn’t prevent me from being optimistic about the wonders it works for me. Trust me, pessimism doesn’t necessarily define itself. By the way, here are some angry/ bitter songs (based on my pessimistic point of view) which are likewise not necessarily angry themselves. 

Runaways – The Killers. The Killers are back with ‘Runaways’, the first single off their upcoming fourth studio album Battle Born set to release on September 18 after their announced hiatus in early 2010. I hate to say this but ‘Runaways’ is just a step of a run away from the usual The Killers sound I used to love. The entire arrangement is a poor mix and match for a supposed huge The Killers comeback. 

50 Ways To Say Goodbye – Train. ’50 Ways..’ is no more than a masterpiece for an awesomely harsh angry song rooting for a serene relationship finality. This is at least one of the few singles off the LP that is not a poor monster attempt for a 'Hey Soul Sister’ clone. Finally, is it only me thinking that some parts of the song are a spit of ‘Phantom of the Opera’?

We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together – Taylor Swift. Taylor Swift’s surprisingly un-country, un-apologetically pop-learning, Swedish pop sounding ‘We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together’ is the first offering from her upcoming LP Red after a massive internet debut a couple of days ago. But then again, she’s back to her usual Disney princess mode which is sort of a letdown. Needless to say, ‘We Are Never…’ is utterly inferior compared to her previously smashing Hunger Games single ‘Safe and Sound’. I think this it's a mistake I'm listing this here.

She’s So Mean – Matchbox 20. ‘She’s So Mean’ is Matchbox’s first single from their upcoming comeback album North set to hit the stores on September 4. This one’s pretty straight forward about, er, love, mean, and some unsaid realizations that some certain love needs an end. 


  1. Errr... any particular reason for this bunch of "angry/bitter songs"? 'Something to do with Taylor's "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" ? :P

    Balut here visiting you from my running alter ego ;)

  2. well im confused sometimes im a pessimistic some times im optimistic i guess im just too moody to define

  3. I like them but let's go pessimistic and angry.......

  4. Taylor Swift is the ultimate love-bitter song writer. But who can sing em bitter songs better than Adele. :D