Nothing takes the taste out of peanut butter quite like unrequited love 2

The previous heartbreaking oh-my-God sort of post was a huge hit. From the traffic data, it seems like people did dig for it really. Thus, here comes this bittersweet sequel. For the second time around, this post will cover rip-your-heart tracks concerning reasons-to-be-sorry-for-yourself for living life tied with unrequited love. Like the usual, there's no need for further explanation for each since the lyrics alone are painful enough. It’s local music’s turn this time. Here goes:

Bituin Escalante – Kung Ako Na Lang Sana 
At ewan ko nga sa’yo, parang balewala ang puso ko, ano nga bang meron sya, na sa akin ay di mo makita..

Parokya ni Edgar feat. Happee Sy – Pangarap Lang Kita vid: here
At kahit mahal kita, wala akong magagawa, tanggap ko ‘to aking sinta, pangarap lang kita.

Jennylyn Mercado – Kahit Sandali 
Kahit sandali, pag-ibig mo sana’y maramdaman man lang, mayakap ako at mahagkan kahit di mo mahal.

Rivermaya – 241 (My Favorite Song) vid: here
I wanted to turn you on my favorite song, wanted to be near you but somebody owns you now.

Jamie Rivera – Mahal Naman Kita 
..ngunit di bale na, kahit mahal mo siya, mahal naman kita.

Some people are born shitty sadists―they always find ways to be in that idyllic position of being an unlikely lover―hoping the love they gave to be reciprocated. Needless to say, the world is so fucked up with people helplessly wallowing in the deep and dark pit of despair, drowning themselves in utter desolation, hoping to feel that delirious happiness in custom-made illusion. Though it’s human nature, there’s an option not to end up on pain, agony, and misery of being on the depressing nothing side brought by such form of love. There is a choice to kiss that crazy fuckgood-bye and all the curse and horrors it brings the lonely heart.

Each of us has the right to love, but to be loved back is a whole chalk-and-cheese story. God gave us hearts, but He also blessed us with a larger organ called brain as well. What you think?


  1. yeah but that's love..most of the time mas pinipili nateng maging tanga at masaktan kasi mas malakas palagi ang puso kesa sa utak :)

  2. well love is a mysterious thing it can make geniuses be fools

  3. Ang lalim naman ng post na to. Made me feel and think. Crazy love huh. Good luck to yours:)

  4. I think 'Pakisabi na lang' is a good addition to your list. Anyway, don't stop believing in love, dear. Unrequited love is inevitable. You just have to accept the fact that shits like that happens in real life.