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Fresh Mix: Mecha Hell | Assault

Things are starting to move faster these days. Like the usual, I have to find a way to at least cope up with this fast-forwarded state to keep my ride on. I need to rush on things which are rushy by themselves. Paper works are cascading in front of my very eyes, falling all over, trickling down, forcing these eyebag-paired eyelids to shut down. But I need to keep these wide eyes wandering for a few more hours. I have to meet the deadlines, or else, I’m going to be dead by the line.

So my ears are officially screwed to this Mecha Hell track on these darkest hours to keep me away from dreamland. I forced myself to be toxically incarcerated on this soundful of shaky bass smothered with portentous drum-y argh-y effects. ‘Assault’, is a head-banging track that grinds and shuts that tiniest part that screams the hell out of me to hit the sack. Though, this is quite deviant to what I’d expect you to like, but in case you want to give it a watch, just click this.

The vid was directed by Kat de Jesus which features a pretty unhinged chic in the name of Patty Tiu of Deuce.

It’s past 2am already. Excuse me, I’m going back to work.

Fresh Mix: Mecha Hell | Assault Fresh Mix: Mecha Hell | Assault Reviewed by Olivr on 11:48 AM Rating: 5


  1. 2am and going back to work? that's insane.

    gusto ko yung assault. reminds me of cure for the itch ba yun.

  2. That's not bad especially when the volume is set.....high!

  3. Ser Overthinker - O'nga ser.. which eventually reminds me of those Papercut and Crawling days.. Sinong makakalimot sa era na yun.. tsk

    Sir Lurker - Agreed. Especially when your headpnone's on.

  4. aaaw in the same dilemma!
    good luck to our eyebags and hope that we survive and not be "dead by the line" :(

  5. Going back to work at past 2am?? Haggard! Hehe, kala mo naman hindi ako naka-graveyard shift, may bonggang designer eye bags na nga ako

  6. Mecha Hell you rock. 2am??? Call center kaba sir? btw i mentioned u sa isang blog entry ko :) http://www.archieviner.com/2012/09/ramdom102.html

  7. Nasa bahay lang naman ako kagabi. may tinapos lang na mga papel. XD

  8. Nice! Ganda 'tong pampagisng!

    Ano work mo pre?


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