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50 Shades of Grin

Performing on the rockfest stage right after the awesome number of the legendary Dong Abay was Grin Department. Their inexplicable charm and their witty and geniusly-written hits undeniably spiced up the unshaken seriousness in everyone at the grounds. You could actually expect to crack out hidden realizations out of those unbelievably woven grin-y tales genially embedded on their music. The grinelement always entices people’s playful minds which bridges the gap between the usual novelty with the exceptional rock n’ roll tradition.

A peek into this particular grin thing are ‘MissU’, ‘Buy One Take Two’ and the would-be-national-anthem ‘Iskin’ which they performed during the epic show. As a friendly reminder, it would somehow require a little open mind to appreciate those luscious shades of grin.

50 Shades of Grin 50 Shades of Grin Reviewed by Olivr on 8:44 AM Rating: 5


  1. di masyadong swak sa panlasa ko ang iskin na nadinig ko noon. kapag may panahon, papakinggan ko yung iba niyang kanta.

  2. di ko xa kilala peo pamilyar ako sa kanta nya siya pala kumanta neto nice nice

  3. I miss Grin Dept. San na kaya sila ngayon. Btw ser postal add mo?

  4. at mukang naiwan ako sa "Grin Dept" lol

  5. Sa mga hindi po nkakaalam, di po sya ang orig Frontman ng GRINDEPARTMENT pinalitan lang po nya dahil si BONG PASCASIO di na kaya kumanta nun panahon na yan dahil malala na colon cancer nya, bassist nila yan. At si bong ngayon ay nakaburol na. he past away kanina umaga Nov 11, 2012 8:30AM


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