Banal na Ass-ole

As planned, I was at the MOA Concert Grounds the other day for the Tanduay Rhum Rockfest 2012. 

I have never been to a rock concert before. So I went there unprepared (with someone-who-left-me) which I believe was a good thing. No authentic expectations of any sort. Fortunately, it turns out to be more than what I actually have in mind. The event was exceedingly euphoric. The series of bands rocking the grounds relegated a mere footnote: dusted off pre-college memories, the sprawling truth that OPM is not dead, and the glittering fact that Pinoy rock is still at its finest.

The night was extremely crazy. 

This Dong Abay shit happened before the legendary Dong Abay rocked the grounds (which turned even crazier from then on). He started off with his first offering – ‘Par Que’ from Rebulto followed by the hawk-eye tale-telling with ‘Perpekto’ and the all-time-hit ‘Esem’. 

Now I’m running out of words to describe how could someone possibly, unafraidly speak and bring these hits to mankind.

More of these for later.


  1. Ang intimate ni Dong Abay sa audience niya. Haha!

  2. his butt rocks! talunin ba naman si chaning tatum! lol

  3. hahaha! Ang kulit ni idol. Well at least with Iggy Pop, you get to see a naked girl instead of someone else's ass hole. hahahaha!

    Dong Abay is resurrected. OPM Rock music will live on! We simply can't declare that it died and completely faded away after the 90's and with the disbanding of E-Heads. It will live on and continue to inspire kids today despite the bombardment of glitter-ass-autotuned pop singers, korean sissy boybands, and bands who can't even make their own songs.