Imagine Dragons | It's Time

Featured on the epic trailer of that epic film-which-could-make-you-happy-and-sad-at-the-same-time, the season premiere of Glee 4, ESPN’s roll-in for Wimbledon 2012, etc., Imagine Dragon’s infinitely flabbergasting ‘It’s Time’ is officially on the drench of epic  success.

The single is no more than an inspirational anthem which spurred out from Dan Reynold’s anxieties during his college days. The chorus offers a playfully captivating tone worded with a heavy cream of unshaken determination and positivity causing the overflowing infinite feel. The song is blinding with creative sparks fuelled by its solid ominous synths plus the characteristic brooding ambience which progresses all throughout.

Care to have an epic peek of this epic clip?


  1. first time ko dito
    music filled pala blog mo

    saka trip mo pala RHCP
    ako din
    pretty cool band

    happy weekend!