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Mga Babae sa Buhay ni Gloc-9

For almost a decade now, we are blessed with an exemplary musician who had been beautifully telling tales most rePUTAble artists do not dare to tell. He who has bunch of exceptional stories concerning this rotten game of chance we’re all in. We are wrongly living this life because of an utterly wrong system. And the wrongness we all live on is rising to full height. And we, bunch of wrongdoers, are slowly eaten by this awfully wrong system. In collaboration with other artists, a lyrical genius is trying to challenge this rotting system through educating people with some sickly pain-in-the-ass tales on that highly uncomforting theme called reality.

Here then are five astounding collab hits featuring the corresponding equally talented musicians on the business.

Jeazell Grutas (Upuan). ‘Upuan’ loosely brings those memories of that lambasted gloriaous glorious regime. We’re all witnesses of how Ph had suffered much ill from that 5-feet shit. That soulless filthy vulture will rot in hell the same morbid way that slightly-overcooked lechong manok (which I ate for dinner) was roasted.

Sheng Belmonte (Walang Natira). Gloc-9 isn’t an exception to that roster of misunderstood artists in the local music scene. Numerous attacks on the alleged imprecise statistical claim of the song’s lyrics arise particularly on that ‘napakaraming nars dito sa amin, ngunit bakit tila walang natira’ lyrics which had raise a lot of people’s brows.. In defense, I believe tila is the keyword there, that which changes the whole story.   

Jaq Dionisio (Elmer). This awesomely heavy Gloc collaboration with Kiss Jane’s Jaq Dionisio and Kamikazee’s Jomal Linao is Gloc-9’s best hit to date..

Denise Barbacena (Hari ng Tondo). ‘Hari ng Tondo’ is the Manila Kingpin: The Asiong Salonga Story soundtrack, which in turn, is the movie itself. Its defining core is its message on life as a suffering but counters itself with the notion that man has a will to see beyond what life lets us to see.

Ebe Dancel (Sirena). Don’t get this wrong. One defining Gloc-9-mark is his ability to always come up with a substantial story told in an intricately appropriate manner. The song is pretentious in the way how those gender and sexuality issues were hounded implicitly without losing the song’s core concept. This single just proved his musical ingenuity, probably a hard job for other aspiring musicians to parallel.

P.S. Happy birthday Gloc-9!

Mga Babae sa Buhay ni Gloc-9 Mga Babae sa Buhay ni Gloc-9 Reviewed by Olivr on 10:51 AM Rating: 5


  1. haha ebe dancel was included hahaha well I was most familiar with denise i love her ever since protege days

  2. Crush ko lahat ng babae ni Gloc9. Kasama talaga si EB Dancel sa mga babae. lol

  3. Si Ateng "walang natira" lang yun kilala ko sa kanila! Napanuod ko sila sa Party P dati..

  4. I love the "gloriaous" part of this post - damang-dama he he

  5. Tama ka, bilib din ako kay Gloc dahil sa mga tema ng kanta niya.

  6. Ang gaganda pala ng mga babae behind each song. Pati yung nasa huli hehe

  7. Gusto ko din yung sa Hari ng Tondo. Gusto niya din ata ako... Oha!

  8. I love this post. I never realized how GLOC-9 collaborated with "girlzzz' until i read this. Hihi.


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