Abra | Gayuma

The local music scene has a lot of stuff to celebrate at this moment when local artists are at their peaks of re-mastering the art and science of creating, arguably, worthy music. This is just a little personal opinion as to how I see a handful of good local tunes lately.

One such modern masterpiece is Raymond ‘Abra’ Abracosa featuring Thyro and Jeriko Aguilar’s ‘Gayuma’, holding out a fresh kick for a modern day rap. Just a quick recap, Raymond Abracosa is a member of the group Lyrically Deranged Poet (LDP) and Jeriko Aguilar is the son of the legendary Freddie Aguilar. Going back, ‘Gayuma’ is a gorgeous piece with outstandingly catchy music video undeniably able to give anyone an instant priceless laugh. This single implores a classic nightmare love story spiced with an imaginative twist lightly patched with not so verbose brutality. It’s a classic tale retold: beauty is skin-deep, or not.


  1. actually i've no idea kung sino sila hehe. pero now that you mentioned them here, looks like na maganda ung ino-offer nilang music genre. will listen to their youtube vid after this.

  2. I saw them once in Unang Hirit show in GMA. I'm not into rap songs but surely I don't dislike them either. In fact I listen to 'em once in a while. And yes, we should celebrate our homegrown talents and help them reach mainstream. Nice post bro. Informative!

  3. from flip toper to certified recording artist nice and a heartthrob for girls