Playlist Monsters

I’m quite disappointed with how my life’s been rolling. As an early New Year’s resolution, I promised to live a healthier lifestyle as early as November. But this pledge to make a better version of myself is now turning into a nightmare. More stress. Less fruits. More smoke. Less sleep. More eyebags. And speaking of less sleep, here I am in these wee hours, still breaking the dawn with a bang bang. As usual, I’m treating myself with a short break to share what’s been rocking my current playlist.  

The Wanted  I Found You

Foals – Inhaler

Swedish House Mafia – Don’t You Worry Child

Calvin Harris feat. Florence Welch – Sweet Nothing

I can’t say more about these hits right now, aside from.. these are good ones.


  1. sorry to hear about your current state. :( but yey to the playlist. im checking them out now. :)

  2. Aga ng New Year's resolution mo ah :)

  3. here's a piece of advise:

    Don't make New Year's resolution because there's "NO RESOLUTION" that will happen trust me :) QUIT SMOKING!

  4. well sakin di ko malaman kung anu ba nanyari sakin this year feeling ko sinayang ko nanaman kaya ang newyears resolution ko ee maging mayaman haha

    ganda ni kz sa pic na yan ha

  5. Hoy, ikaw na bata ka, dapat priority lagi ang health! Pinagalitan? haha.. I-push na yang early ny's resolution, okay? :)

  6. I understand much as I want to stop smoking pero di ko parin magawa! they like chocolates I knw they are bad for me but I just cant leave them alone...hahahha! goodluck stin!

  7. ngex. halloween pa dapat mode natin ngayon bakit nag newnewyear's checholution kana? hehehe. pero magadan yan para pag dating na pagdating ng newyear praktisado mo nah yung neweyear checholution mo.

  8. cheer up
    ika nga ni natalie merchant, "life is sweet inspite of the misery."