Playlist Monsters

Here we go again.

Johnoy Danao – Ikaw At Ako. I’ve known this song for a very long time but it’s A Beautiful Affair that made me realize how lovely this song is. This single written by Johnoy Danao was used in a short film which stars the late Johnny Delgado and his wife Laurice Guillen, directed by their daughter, Ina Feleo. The haunting melody intensified with Johnoy Danao’s heavy artistry in songwriting sums up to a surprisingly, gigantic hit. 

Segatron – Friendzone. The same guys who gave us the phenomenal hit ‘Hey Hey Alodia’ is giving us a taste of that famous place worse than hell – the friendzone. As of writing, the group is shooting the video for this single we all somehow can relate to/ or at least know about. This is the 7th track from Rainbows and Hangovers dvd. Grab your copy by clicking this link here

Emblem 3 – My Girl/ California Girls. I totally despise this group’s guts but they nailed this one. It wouldn't be surprising if they'll snatch the X Factor top prize. Though, I hope it'd be Tate Stevens or Carly Sonenclare who'll win the whole thing (which will most likely happen based on the show's current run). 

The SteelDrivers – I’ll Be There. If you happen to be a country music fan, then you might want to check this out. This bluegrass tune highlighted with waltz synchronized in a depressing violin, sparsed with the portentous mandolin, all drowning in extremely soulful vocals, will be part of Hammer Down, to be released early next year. 


  1. segatron lang ata alam ko dito ahh

  2. Of all the artists that you've featured here, I only knew one of 'em. And it's EMBLEM3. This boy group caught my attention in X-Factor USA during one of its episode run. I love them coz they're good.

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