Glaiza De Castro x Angelica Panganiban | Barcelona

'Barcelona', an Angelica Panganiban + Glaiza de Castro collab used as the soundtrack for the indie film Madaling Araw Mahabang Gabi starring Angelica Panganiban is quite a hit.

Talk about surprises. This collaboration is a totally unpredicted one, especially from two of the show business’ most talented acts from two opponent networks. I never knew they had that special bond, until this hit came out. It turns out that the title 'Barcelona' was adapted from the place where Angelica Panganiban has drawn inspiration to create this dedication song (obviously for John Lloyd Cruz). The product is an unconventional mix of soul and heart. It's good to know the absence of the usual involvement of the cash-driven hidden agenda. The sincerity stems from the song’s humble roots tinged with bittersweetness, compassion, and overflowing desire. 

Meanwhile, there is this sturdy force naturally stemming from Glaiza De Castro’s emotionally drowning vocals transcribed in a magically pleasant package and heartwarming delivery. Over-all, this counts to be a worthwhile hit worthy to give some rounds.

On the other hand, it’s quite sad that such underground hits have to endure hard times surfacing to the mainstream despite their beaming level of significance in terms of quality, creativity and artistry. Nevertheless, this is one of those indications that positive things are still happening to the local music industry. 


  1. ohh i never thought this would happen hahaha i love them both

  2. This is interesting. Surprise talaga to :)

  3. I am so impressed with everything here!