You aren't dead yet, you idiot

I understand that you’re having a hard time lately. The unfortunate turn-out of events has been dragging you to hell. You are in a messy wild again. You had difficulty fixing yourself―you go after missing keys which are actually on your pockets, you had trouble matching the keys for the right locks, *you're missing the key to success*, and you end up almost breaking things. 

You have a life, you idiot. Stop screwing things up. The universe isn't against you. You just chose to think that way. The wall you need to conquer is that one you built in your mind.

Remember, nature has its own wondrous ways to make things complicated. There comes a time when attacks from multifaceted problems hurt you real bad. It’s inevitable. As you address a certain aspect, another deadly one sprouts. One comes after the other. Learn to learn the art and science of weighing things out. Don’t let yourself get swallowed by the system.

Try to compose yourself to keep a smooth sail on this rough ride; even though the weight and intensity of these disasters hits you too hard. Don’t get half-hearted when the efforts you exert to compensate for these disparaging damages seem to be not enough. You're only as good as your last laugh. You can do more. You can laugh more. You are better than what you are now.

You are dealing with real problems now. There’s no way to escape but deal with it face to face. Move. Just keep moving. You will go nowhere else if you remain stagnant. Go out and participate with the rest of the world. The sun won't shine for those who refuse to feel its warmth.

You were able to wake up this morning. It's something you have to be thankful for enough.  Don't waste the gift of today. Things expire in no time. Other people weren't given the privilege to have a breathe of fresh air you are inhaling right now. Be contented. You have all the fortunes others are deprived for. 

Do not depend your happiness on other people's hands. You are the master of yourself. I understand you're screwed right now. So get the screwdriver and unscrew yourself.  Don't wait for someone to do the job. It may take you forever if you don't move right now.

You may have all the valid reasons to grieve. But you have more than enough reasons not to dwell too long on that. Stop thinking that the universe has conspired to cause you all these pain. You are a mere tiny speck of dust compared to it. You are negligible compared to its size. You are nothing, at all, important, for the universe to care.  But despite that, your life is still important for some people around you. Sadness also obeys the rule of flow from a region of higher concentration to a lower concentration. Whatever you feel will surely affect people around you, including those you care so much for. And you don't want that, they don't deserve that.

You idiot, aren't dead yet. Let go of all those clutters. You have more important things to attend to. You are about to face biggest battle there is in the taking. Do not waste time. The bells of the boards are wildly ringing now. It's time to take a break from that trap. Free yourself from that indefinite hiatus. Stop lurking around the zero zone. You have lost a lot of stuff before, but you can’t afford to lose this one. Your future is at stake. Don’t let your dreams shatter without at least putting a good fight.

For the mean time, get some sleep. Because right now, I feel you'll be needing a long, good one. 


  1. Can relate. *egocentric mode*

    Eto yung panahon na nalagay ko sa toothbrush ko ang hairgel ko.

  2. Anyare parekoy?

    Looks like may pinagdadaanan ka din right now ah. Don't worry everything will be alright. With God, nothing is impossible.


  3. sounds trouble huh
    naku lilipas din yan at maayos parekoy
    be positive and have faith

  4. I hope you feel better after sleeping.

    Pahinga ang kailangan ng mga taong pagod. PAgod sa lahat. Pero hindi pahinganng pang matagalan at permanente. heheh

    ngiti lang. sisikat din ang bagong umaga :)


  5. Sounded like just what I needed. Not knowing how it fits in your context, it certainly did in mine. I had been troubling Myself a lot.
    There must be a reason you wanted to tell to yourself.

  6. This is very inspiring :) Sometimes indeed, instead of worrying to much, we just need to relax and see how things will work out. God always has a plan :)

  7. Ranting to yourself eh, everybody needs a wake up call, I needed one. May I borrow your words?

  8. I think you are going through something? fe-feel ko ung anger sa lang...labas mo lang dito sa blog tapos i pa lipad sa hangin...:)


  9. Let it all out! :)

    Don't let your anger consume the best of you.

  10. May pinagdadaanan ka parekoy. Matagal na tong post mo. Hoping na maayos kana ngayon. *sabay abot ng alak. dyuk!

  11. salamat, sir. kinailangan kong mabasa ito ngayon.

  12. I'm laughing at myself while reading this now. It sounds odd but it seems like it's only now that I'm reading all your comments. I must be really lost during those times. BTW, thanks everyone!! God bless us all.