Playlist Monsters

It’s been two excruciating months since a music post was spotted on this site. And right at this very moment, I’ll be sharing what’s been rocking my sleepy mornings, lazy afternoons, and gloomy nights during the previous weeks. These are some of those lovely hits my ears are glued to when I get tired of listening to that alcoholically classic Itchyworms’ hit ‘Beer’.

Of Monsters and Men – Little Talks. This one’s just perfect in every way. The folk element is timeless. The shouts from the crowd are infectious enough, catchy, harmoniously brilliant. Check out the lyrics for a good dose of heartache.

Pasta Groove feat. Armi Millare, Nikki Cabado & Junji Lerma – Habang Tumatagal, Lalong Tumitibay. Because Armi Millare is 

Passion Pit – Carried Away. I’ve been watching the vid since Valentine’s Day.

Oktaves – K.U.P.A.L. Since it's nearing school year end and people are surely digging for nice graduation songs, I think this one's a good option. :)

Mumford and Sons – I Will Wait. Surely, this will sound familiar if you were able to catch the Grammy’s. This one's just too hard to dislike. Despite the hint of mournful sound from the lyrics, the upbeat tune leads to a contemplative hopeful direction. I'm sensing this will top my playlist one of these days.


  1. I dont listen to music much but your blog entries are veritable treasure of music genres I look for at youtube to be, at least, updated. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Ang daming magagandang songs sa Ppop love songs. Isa na jan yang Scared to Death ni KZ. Actually, mas nauna kong narinig toh before yung Anong Nangyari sa Ating Dalawa ni Aiza Seguerra.

  3. sa wakas you published a post na! i love kz' scared to death...

  4. di na talaga ko familiar sa mga bagin sings naun

  5. hmm......
    may pulitikahan din yatang nangyari sa Himig Handog.. that crap songs of Daniel and Toni made it on the list..lols.. anyway, I like that on Marion and KZ, too.. Armi is really <3.. Such an amazing artist.

    Cool playlist.. gotta check on this every now and then :)

  6. Sir, nasa listahan ko na rin ang I will wait ng mumford and sons. Salamat. May kinakana ako na papel ngayon na due mamaya.

  7. Jonathan: Thanks for those compliments
    Fiel-kun: Nice to know that :)
    Senyor: medyo busy po kasi. he he
    MEcoy: All you need is turn on the radio. :)
    Yccos: We'll never know if that's true. Pero oks naman yung Top 5. Medyo nalungkot lang ako na hindi nakuha ni KZ yungtop prize.
    Ser Overthinker: Good luck sa papel na yan. Sa mga oras na 'to, dapat tapos mo na yan. :)

  8. Napakinggan ko yung I Will Wait ng maaga.. nung unang umere ito sa radyo para akong nagising sa mahabang kalsada na puno ng mga pailaw hanggang sa dulo haha... tatlong istasyon ang pinagsayangan ko ng load at oras sa net para iboto na song of the year. Dun din gumaan ang tenga ko sa folk ^__^

  9. hahaha! Hindi pa. naipresent ko na. on going paper siya. mga 150 pages siguro ito. wala pako sa kalahati.

  10. Fabulous

    kiss kiss

  11. Not familiar with most of them, hehe
    but nice reviews anyway. ..
    Thumbs up sa mga images!!!

  12. For a second I read "Of Monsters And Men" as "Of Mice And Men" and almost had a mini spaz attack cause they're one of my favorite bands but then I read it properly and aw sadface

  13. i go for KZ. i always love her voice ;-)