Bloc Party | Kettling

High school memories rushed through me when I first heard about the famous Bloc Party going to Manila after their four long years of hiatus, or more appropriately, drifting apart. I had a chance to enjoy their music early on with their formative years. The release of their fourth album tagged Four during the fourth quarter last year was unknown to me until I heard about them going on concert this March.

The primary shock out of this comeback is the seemingly slowness of how their songs had become. The sound of dark layers and exhuming twangy guitars are somewhat missing. Sort of mellow at that. I had my ways to have a few rounds treat on the tracks off the album, and it was an awesome pleasure, though. It's just a bit strange for some reason to hear them this quiet.  

Their lead single is the revolutionary, sweeping, and equally strange ‘Kettling’, which is by far the best off the album. The heavy opening guitar riff trailed by the swaggy Kele vocals is an undeniable ear-candy. Despite the totally new sound they’re trying to prove as they somewhat abandon the usual Bloc Party formula in the past, the signature Bloc Party passion and anger still effortlessly resurfaces out of nowhere throughout. Certainly that distinct Bloc Party tinge remained intact despite the wasted time.  

Unfortunately, beyond this excitement is the fact that there’s no way I could get myself to World Trade Center this coming March 22 to witness yet another would-be-once-in-a-lifetime event (which I hope not). I have to miss potential best spit-firing strobes, up-in-the-air handclaps, and the on-top-of-the-lungs sing-alongs. Better luck to me next time.


  1. ala xenxa na di ko sila kilala hahaha

  2. thank you for sharing this... I got to know them...

  3. I've just heard them 88.3 kaya akala ko talaga eh bagong banda lang.. kung di mo pa nabanggit. Check ko nga past albums nila.

  4. wala talaga akong alam sa mga latest news sa mga foreign bands hehe :D

  5. "anger still effortlessly resurfaces out of nowhere throughout." --TUNAY!

    Brit band sila? Tama ba? Ang naalala ko ser olivr naman na nagtrigger ng mga highschool memories ay When the Wild Wind Blows ng Iron Maiden. Mangiyak-ngiyak ako.

    Bakit pala di ka pwede sa 22?

  6. apir kay MEcoy at fiel LOL!

    san na ang Pic Greet ko ha? :P

  7. 've been meaning to take time and listen to this band. My first impression was that, "are they another pogi rock band?" Saw the news of their coming at the manila concerts scenes fb page. I had forgotten to check out their songs until today upon reading this.

    the last brit band I have known was "the kooks" pa.

    And for me, brit rnb is way better than american rnb.