Just another childhood shit

Long hours of solitude are always an opportunity to reflect, or in my case, overthink. The very long Pangasinan-Laguna bound bus ride is certainly not an exception. As a product of this overthinking thing I endured for the past 12 hours hours, I managed to step back in time and squeeze out some of the details on my early music obsession history from the hidden corners of my childhood memory.

And I came up with this list of the first few songs intertwined with my childhood days.

Bryan Adams – Everything I do (I do it for you).Released on the year I was born, I assume this song was heavily lurking the airwaves during my first few months here on Earth. No wonder that I effortlessly memorized the whole lyrics unconsciously for no reason. Let’s admit, the song is not great, not bad, just good. But this was a huge part of my formative years as my earliest memory forces me to believe.

Kansas – Dust In The Wind. This was my favorite song when I was on the first grade, that time when I started liking music in a deeper sense, apart from melody and tone alone. I somehow became a little more appreciative of the content. I began understanding the lyrics. I was concerned with what a song is all about. One afternoon while giving this track some turns, I knew, for the first time, I listened. Right then, I loved music itself.

John Denver – Take Me Home Country Roads.This was an overplayed single on our house back then. People around me were massively into this hit. This used to be a certified karaoke favorite in our family. In fairness to it, it’s not that hard to love.

The Beatles – Strawberry Fields Forever.The Beatles’ magic was still inescapable up to my premature years even decades after their colossal domination. Hits like ‘I Wanna Hold Your Hand’ and ‘Hard Days Night’ had been ragingly bombarding our rested-in-peace player way back then, however, my heart poured out for a less popular ‘Strawberry  Fields..’ mainly because I had made a few good memories out of this song, which I’d rather want to keep private from the rest of the world.

Simon & Garfunkel – The Boxer. My 90s self regarded this track as one of the greatest singles ever written. Surprisingly, my current self never changed that certain take. Btw, I was actually playing this track when I gave this site its name.

Bob Dylan – Blowin’ In The Wind. The answer, my friend…

Bee Gees – How Deep Is Your Love.Blame it on that Bee Gees compilation cassette tape loosely displayed on that very shelf on that corner of our house where those other treasured tapes were neatly cascaded. ‘How Deep..’ had been a major radio crasher since my discovery of those treasures.

Oasis – Don’t Look Back In Anger.When I first heard ‘Champagne Supernova’ over the neighbourhood, I started digging for more Oasis hits. Proudly joining millions of Oasis fans around the world, ‘Don’t Look..’ stood out to be my most-loved one.

Nirvana – Smells Like Teen Spirit.Another track I overheard from the neighbourhood. However, I refuse to call myself an eavesdropper. It’s more proper to conclude that my rockstar-wannabe neighboor is sort of deaf. His stereo’s volume has always been on the maximum that I was left with no other option but to listen to what he’s been playing. Despite that, I wanted to thank him for exposing my ears to crazy world of rock and roll and rock and roll \m/

I’m a bit exhausted because of the extended ride due to the turtle-paced bus I rode and the heavy traffic along Edsa and Calamba. I'm cutting this thing at this point. I'll resume the list pretty soon. Good night everyone.


  1. ser olvr, how can i contact you privately? email perhaps?

  2. I can relate with the post. I have tons of cassette tape collection at home. Yaman nina erpats at ermats.

    At taga-Pangasinan si ermats. Carmen, Rosales.

  3. Ser, pano nga ba.. XD I'll figure that out.

  4. sasarap pakinggan nyang mga songs na yan kinalikahan ko yan kasi playlist ng father ko yan haha

  5. when i was in gradeschool eto yung lageng nasa fm. at since stenographer sa isang maliit na munisipyo si mama, marami kaming casette at tapes at nagrerecord ako ng mga songs sa ibat ibang fm stations. isa sila sa list na narecord ko.

  6. I dunno but gustong gusto ko yang Take me home country roads ni John Denver. Country music ang genre nya diba? Basta ang sarap lang pakinggan nyan habang nakasakay ka sa bus/car tapos bumibyahe kayo patungo sa probinsya then yung tabi nung highway puro bukirin at lush greenery :))

  7. Pag sunday napapakingan ko tong mga music na to :) Tyempuhan nga lang

  8. how deep is ur love lang ako nakakarelate hahahaha yong tatay ko hilig sa kanta, kung ano anong anek2x ang pinakikinggan umaga ng weekend, basta ang alam ko paborito niya si barry manilow, kung kakanta din ang tatay ko halos same sila ng boses (love my own dad!! hahaha)

  9. I loved those songs too, except the rock and roll:)