The Art Of Losing Isn’t Hard To Master

Because losing is usually the saddest, and goodbye, more often than not, comes with it, we have to learn the art of it. I had a totally different view about losing 16 months ago. But now I'm starting to agree with what Elizabeth Bishop was saying, especially with the way things are going lately. It’s becoming clearer and clearer to me that losing, like anything else, could be learned (how to be dealt with). The more we experience losing, the easier we get through losing itself when another losing opportunity is at the brink of the brim. Series of losses makes my body get used to it, until it becomes a routine, until I realized that losing is a pretty normal phenomenon. We all have a fair share of it. We all have a taste of it. It’s alright to lose once in a while. We can lose so much, but just enough not to reach that point where we have lose ourselves, for a man who gains the world is nothing if he loses himself in the process.

Here are some surely-not-loser hits, accompanied with stories of losing from different points of view.

Welcome To The Black Parade – My Chemical Romance. A few weeks ago, My Chemical Romance announced their decision to part ways. Sure enough, people who once dreamed of joining the black parade are mourning over this news. I would admit I’m an MCR fan to death and seeing yet another legendary door closing is painful. Maybe, MCR is done. But it can never die. As Gerard Way puts it, MCR is not a band, it’s an idea. It will always be alive inside all of us. The black parade isn’t ending. We are not losing a legend. // And though you’re dead and gone, believe me, your memory will carry on

Far Away – Nickelback. Victor Joel Ayson, a UP alumnus and a hiker, is still missing after a solo climb two weeks ago at Mt. Maculot. This is extremely saddening especially now, I mean today, that it's his 27th birthday. May he stand by his words and soon come back. // Just one chance. Just one breath. Just in case there's just one left.

Tuyo Na’ng Damdamin – Silent Sanctuary. The board exam is coming this September but ignoring McMurry, Chang, Atkins, and co. (these are Chem book authors) for the past few months, cancelling dates with my problem sets and other review materials, treating my calculator a mere stranger, all count as bad signs. I’m supposed to be burying myself with these stuff but I don’t have the time, the drive, and the guts. And to make life easy for me, I won’t be taking the boards. Because if I do, I’m heading to a looming pit. At least I’m choosing to lose this early rather than risking for a much greater loss in the near future. // At kahit na anong gawin, di mo na mapilit at madaya, aminin sa sarili mo na wala ka ng mabubuga

I Lost My Head – Gentle Giant. I lost a phone last week. I lost another one just a few hours ago. I lost all my important people’s contact details. I’m having this feeling that this would equate to losing people in my life too. I’m a bit lost more than I presume. // I lost my head, It wasn’t easy

Bad Day – Daniel Powter. Now I’m down to the hardest part, the hardest to admit: I hate my job. And I should have never accepted it in the first place. This job is the last drink I should have never drunk. I’m dead tired. I’m exhausted doing things without a heart. I wish to rest this case soon. Nine months’ already down, and three months’ still seem too long. // Where is the passion when you need it the most?

Losing comes in many shapes. And it comes to all of us. Each people have their own battles they’re fighting for. From these battles, we gain some, we lose some. It is in gaining that we see things we like but it is in losing that we see things we really love. The more things I lost, the more I realize which things really matters, the more I feel my life matters.

Now where the hell is the point of this post.. I guess it’s lost, too.


  1. nakakalungkot na nabuwag na ang my chem isa sa pinaka una kong inidolo

    at ung si victor, sana ok ang sya!
    soya yata ung sinasabe ng tropa ko eeh

  2. Sabi nga nila, everything in this world is only temporary. Kung may mawala man, I'm sure may kapalit naman yan na much better than the first one. :)

    Gusto ko yang song ng MCR na Welcome to the Black Parade. *thumbs up*

  3. Isa-isahin ko ang comment ko, but first let me tell you that it's a sad post. The gravity of all the situations presented here are all heavy.

    1. About Victor - sorry to hear that he's missing. Just noticed that he already climbed pala our bundok in Sibuyan Island - Mt. Guiting Guiting - galing naman niya coz it's a hard climb as many mountaineers say. Sana makabalik na siya soon. I'll offer a prayer for him.

    2. Sayang naman that you are not fired-up to take your board. Pero sana sa ibang pagkakataon sipaging ka na.

    3. About the phone's consecutive loss, ok lang yan kasi bagay lang naman pero ang masama eh may mga mahahalagang information na kalakip sa pagkawala which makes it hard. Anyway, if you loss one, you'll gain one which is nicer and better (I guess)

    4. I know the feeling of working for a job that you never have loved in the first place. Nakaka guilty at nakakasayang ng oras dahil you can be doing something else that satisfies your heart yet nauubos ang oras mo sa paggawa ng hindi mo naman gusto.

    I completely agree with the last paragraph. Ibayong pag-iingat nalang sa susunod.

    Makaka rebound ka din niyan ulet. :)

  4. Update: Victor Joel Ayson's body, already found:

    MeCoy- Ako din.
    Fiel- Kung anuman mga kapalit na yan, sana dumating na agad.
    Sir Jay- Yes sir! rebound rebound din pag may time.

  5. Tsk! Tsk! What a loss.

    I've read the eulogy from the link and he seems a very fine young man full of dreams and zest for life.

    Siguro, true nga talaga na good people die young...tsk...tsk..another loss in the mountaineering pros and enthusiasts.

    But I find console reading when I realized that he'd lived his life to the fullest and found the beauty of it through hiking mountains.

    Surely, he's up there, hiking now towards heaven.

    My sincere condolence.

  6. ^He died doing something his heart desires.

  7. One thing that I will never lose is my appetite. Hahaha!

    Well, my life's a pathetic tragedy already. So when it comes to losing, well, I've gone numb, though sometimes it can be painful.

    For example, knowing MCR is ending while One Direction is still kicking is a painful tragedy.

    It's really sad to see a young man's life fade away just like that. I'm sorry to hear that. People come and go, I guess.

    Don't lose your mind also just because you lost your phone. It can be a real drag but that's not the end of it all. And why are you not preparing for the board exam? Anyway, bahala ka. It's your call.

    Well, as for your job, sa panahon ngayon talaga you should just be thankful na mayroon ka trabaho. But i guess it's different there in the Philippines.

    Italy is still f*cked up with its economy. Madami ang nawawalan ng trabaho. Mismong mga italians nagpupunta abroad!

    I don't hate my job. I loathe it. I abhor it. But when one is consumed with passionate hate of his job, one eventually burns out and becomes numb. I have to get through in this crisis, yes?

    I am tired, verbally abused, exploited and underpaid. Wanna switch places?

    Anyway, the only thing that's making me happy right now is that I'm looking forward to that Beady Eye concert at the Pistoia Blues Festival this July. Kung puede nga lang sana eh isasama pa kita at ako na ang bibili ng ticket mo, that is, if you're a fan of Liam Gallagher.

    Hirap kasi sa mga kaibigan ko eh mga fans ni Justin Bieber. Hehehehe!

  8. O yes, I'm a huge fan sir. But how am I supposed to go there? July sounds alright.. I would be jobless by that time. haha

  9. Nakakalungkot na dumarating sa buhay ng tao na nawawalan ng interest sa mga bagay na ginagawa. I hope you will still find the happiness that you lost along the way.
    See the bright sides of life. ANyway, you are such a talented man. That alone, can make you happy:)

    Thanks again for joining the " Letter to God contest"

  10. im not a big fan of mcr, pero somehow part sya ng kabataan ko so kilala ko sila. at sayang that they have to part ways na. at sana next year youll decide to take up the board exam ;-) yakang yaka yan, just trust in yourself and pray to God.

    at sa work, wag na magtagal, madali lang gumawa ng resignation letter.

    ill pray for victor ;-(