Playlist Monsters

Due to some unforeseen events, I’ve been heavily left out of the music world circulation (and in life, in general). As a consequence, this site has been terribly filled with negativities for the past few months. Then I learned that some blogger friends were planning to bring their blogs to rest. So I had this dark plan of finally putting this blog to that painful quits status rather than watch it slowly rot here on space. But I realized that this is the only place I could possibly go when everything else fail to fall in their right places. Plus, the third blogiversary of this site is coming soon. Thus, I’m postponing this grand blog euthanasia plan. For the mean time, let’s get to the current mix running and deafening my ears as soon as my headset’s on. I missed doing this.

I Love It – Icona Pop. This is a huge surprise on my playlist because honestly, I’m not a fan of highly commercialized tracks. But the Samsung Galaxy S4 commercial has established a strong retaining power in my head. Clearly, this is an exception.

Young and Beautiful – Lana Del Rey. Another media track on my list. Blame it on The Great Gatsby which I’m going to see soon. I've been listening to it hugely in preparation for the movie. I haven’t finished reading the book yet but I’ll be rushing to seal it by the weekend. 

Safe and Sound – Capital Cities. I’m not sure, but the synth element sounds a little 70s of some sort. But its electronic touch enthrals its innate current day pop with a misleading indie treat. And the album is coming very very soon. Let's watch out for that.

Metropolis – Owl City. From the ruins of Adam Young’s disappointing The Midsummer Station, comes ‘Metropolis’, which in my opinion, is the only true Owl City song from the album as the whole album almost go all pop. I'm missing the old 'Fireflies' days as this single reminds me much of 'Ocean Eyes'. 

Brokenhearted – Lawson feat. B.O.B. Setting aside the shameful track title, this single deserves a hundred plays on my playlist for later. It's very rare when I accidentally was able to extract a very much close story from  a song I hear for the first time. 


  1. Did I just spelled it wrongly, I mean remuneration. :)

  2. Yes! Mirrors for the win! ;) Metropolis, hmm.

    Buti naman at postponed ang pagsasara nito. :)

  3. Hindi pala pumasok yung first comment. Sabi ko, wag mong ihinto ang blogging, puwede ka kasing maging music critic and be paid for it. I was asked to review children's lit but I declined, daming work eh. By doing so, you will get extra remuneration. Yun na!

  4. i love owl city to bits. ♥

  5. Ser Jonathan, sabi na e. something's missing.
    Apple: Me too. Huge fan.

  6. downloaded all the songs here!!!

  7. Mabuti naman at di mo na itutuloy na isara itong blog mo. Kukutusan kita jan eh. Hahaha syempre joke lang yung kutos :D

    Loved all the songs you have here lalo na yung sa Owl City :)

  8. Key: Ingat baka maadik.
    Fiel: Uso kasi ang pagsasara ng mga blogs, makikiuso sana. Owl City ftw.

  9. wag kang maki-uso sa pagsasara lol.

    kaya ko lang isasara etong isang eto kasi may iba pa naman ako. isa to sa mga fave blog ko unique.

    Salamat ulet sa suporta. See u on my other blog

  10. Thanks for the usual support Miss B. :)