Playlist Monsters

I have a long list of singles on queue for this list after missing quite some time to tell about them to you as this current time frame is much blessed, filled with worthwhile tracks that are really worth checking out (again, according to my taste). And here are five of them. Right now.

Do I Wanna Know – Arctic Monkeys. One of the best tracks to hit 2013 just yet, this one’s crawling its way deliriously in my head already. Grinding in with steady guitars, progressing to a gritty dark and spacy psychedelic sound, towards a melancholic, cynic, and chilling chorus, combined with such geniusly written lyrics, a recipe for an awesome masterpiece has just began.

FallingForYou – The 1975.  This one’s effortlessly brilliant with trickling beat backed with eerie guitars. Bonus points for the drifting soft synth blanketing a whole dose of melancholic sound. The drowning slowness in itself is way too unforgettable.

Supersoaker – Kings of Leon. My undisclosed love for Kings of Leon is fully burning now. Soaked in much anthemic guitar rifts, soulful yet fast-paced rhythm, and the sparkling neon sign in the teaser video, supersoakers are surely on the loose.

Weekend – Neon Trees. I had hard time giving this single the love it truly deserves as ‘Everybody Talks’ overshadowed my love for any of the single off Picture Show. As usual, this track is nostalgic reminiscent of the 80s pop music, that goes through generation of music lovers.

Hail to The King – Avenged Sevenfold. This is one hell of a track, and I can’t wait for more off Hail To The King (the 6th album) pretty soon. I was jaw-drop during my first hear over this single. Commends go out to Arin Ilejay for the excellent drums. The Rev’s surely jaw-dropped too.

Everything has something to do with perspective. The question of perspective is a matter of difference. We may be looking at a specific subject but the way we perceive it would vary in countless ways. We need to respect that. It doesn’t really matter who’s having the best view because at the end of the day, we might not be actually making sense of what we see at all. Just to reiterate, kindly read at your own risk. Thanks!


  1. Naku wala akong alam na kahit isa sa playlist mo... hmmmnnn...

  2. nuks senyor. thank you anyway :)

  3. Nuks. Makapag download nga.

  4. king of leon lang alam ko, mapakinggan nga sa youtube... :)