Augustana | Alive

After almost 3 years of blah-ging, I’m surprised I haven’t had a single entry about Augustana yet despite drowning myself with their music very so often for the slightly-distant-past. In case you’re wondering, you may not be aware but you might have fallen for them once already; check ‘Sweet and Low’ and/or ‘Boston’. I remember playing All Stars and Boulevards during my super-senior sems and a few more aching months that followed. Further looking back, it seemed that I was particularly relieved about something―you know, as if I have solved a problem upon an accidental discovery―

Yesterday, I was browsing the net when my news feed led me to a link directing me to a free download of their newest track-in-the-making. It’s called ‘Alive’, a romantically inspiring love song sweetly leading to a bright direction, without leaving those clutters and drama and bullshit right where there is. Something about this single is pointing towards a dark side probably due to the cascading wall of guitar accompanying the gloomy, strained, and emotive Dan Layus vocals. Nevertheless, it’s an uplifting one judging from how the lyrics were written.

More than the entertainment I earned out of this track, I realized that this has been a vehicle of reforming that bond I once had with these band―that bond that reminds me of how I fell in love with their music for the first time, that something that can’t be shared or bought, it’s the bond each of us could only find in our own terms. And now I’m playing a full blast of their discography non-stop.

Much has been said; feel free to get a free copy of the track in focus, here

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