Dong Abay | Maskara

I don’t have the right to drop much of praises as of now for ‘Maskara’, the latest Dong Abay opus recorded for the hotly appreciated Erik Matti indie film On The Job since I didn’t have the chance yet to see and hear it myself. And having that said, I’m about to see the movie this weekend for the reason that I expect a good music down there more than the good reviews about the film currently circulating on the internet. Among which are Dong Abay’s ‘Mateo Singko’, a certain Armi Millare + Ely Buendia collaboration track, and of course, Dong’s rendition of Juan Dela Cruz’ ‘Maskara’ as opening track. I think this would be a very nice diversion while waiting for that giant Dong Abay x Armi Millare collaboration which is, (hopefully) on the process already.

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