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I guess it’s time to come to terms with the fact that throwing unsolicited predictions amuses me. Sure, not actually throwing predictions to downgrade people on base levels, but pissing all over public conventions of decency within tv, The Voice Ph included. And while the show is nearing the homestretch, I’m dropping a personal forecast on the hopefuls’ chances to win and of how the rest of the show will play out towards the coming weeks (I'm not good at this, though).  Much to my content, my eyes are glued to this show for the past few weeks due to some good things about it: (1) the format is straightforward that people doesn’t have to endure much on senseless noise from not-really-talented auditionees since the Blind Auditions were solely for artists who were already pre-screened, thus, (2) the show provides a wider room to focus more on picking the eventual winner rather than dragging long weeks of unnecessary comedic punches. However, I still hate the idea of the battle rounds where good are pitted against good and weak are pitted against weak which resulted to weaker contenders outlasting some good ones. Nevertheless, (3) it’s fast-paced, which on my perception, is a really good thing.

#TeamAPL Who I Want To Win. I would love to see Janice Javier in the finale for her obvious, constant, strong desire to win it all. But then, we can’t always get what we want. She has the voice, but not The Voice that could conquer the world. Who Might Win. Team Apl is the strongest in terms of the Blind Audition phase results having been composed of 3 and 4-chair turners. While this looks like a hard deal to seal for Apl and the people, I think the last man standing from the team is clearly visible now. At this point, with careful planning, calculated moves, and suitable song choices, the Team Apl banner is for Thor Dulay to lose. Though, Janice Javier sits very much close.

#TeamLea Who I Want To Win. With the landslide public vote in favor of Mitoy Yonting during the Live Shows and the huge trust showered by people for Darryl Shy over Radha Cuadrado, complication on the possible Team Lea winner escalates to its finest putting Team Lea the team hardest to predict. Whichever, my trust is for Darryl Shy. The talent, style and meekness he’s showing is overly desirable. But with Radha and Mitoy along his way, it’s going to be a shot at the moon for him to make it to the finale. Who Might Win. While Radha gives performances in perfection, the public trust is a hard-grip on Mitoy’s hands as of the moment. In such case, the next live shows would be very crucial for Radha to regain the momentum and be the eventual Team Lea victor. Early on, the producers (and Lea herself) loved to actually see Radha win this thing, that fans would have probably got complacent about this and forgot to vote for her during the previous live show. The fame card had gotten her up to this point, it’s possible that the same card would not get her through up to the end. I think Mitoy, will have the final grip on the final deal.

#TeamBamboo Who I Want To Win. Team Bamboo is the most refreshing and interesting mix. My vote, however, is a hundred percent for Myk PerezWho Might Win. When a judge/coach worships a contestant, it might help convince people to vote. But in the case of Bamboo constantly putting a good eye and favor on Lee Grane Maranan despite how lousy she could become, this trend might not work and the opposite will happen instead. Further, while Isabella Fabregas and Paolo Onesa are visually ready for some limelight success, it’s tried and tested that people will not bite such kind of bait―which leaves us with Myk Perez as the sole Team Bamboo hopeful capable of giving a good fight up to the end.

#TeamSarah Who I Want To Win. Sarah Geronimo stood out as the pickiest coach during the Blind Auditions. Ironically, Team Sarah turned out to be dominated by supposed-to-be rejects. Gladly, her honest and square judgment during the Battle Rounds immediately disposed off those unworthy of the seat leaving a relatively fine bunch of artists including someone who continues to outlay an insatiable humility and overflowing character on stage―Klarisse De GuzmanWho Might Win. At this point, I’m afraid that Eva delos Santos might be too late while Klarisse de Guzman might be too ahead of their respective times to win; which leaves the previously public-vote-favored hopeful for the title of Team Sarah mike-bearer. Morissette Amon would be more likely to be favored.

Who Might Win The Voice Ph. Essentially, my final four are Mitoy, Myk, Thor, and Morissette. Whatever the circumstance may be, the finals will be one hell of a riot. While I deeply hope that Myk tops the list, I have already zeroed in on that person I am predicting will win this whole thing―Morissette Amon of Team Sarah. Merely putting the Sarah Geronimo factor on the equation, The Voice would be a relatively easy win for her. After all, The Voice of the Philippines title is for a Team Sarah charmer. Once Sarah tweets those numbers to vote, it's a sure fire dead end. 

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