Up Dharma Down | Luna

I wasn’t really surprised by UDD’s decision to release ‘Luna’, my third most loved track off Capacities, next to ‘Turn It Well’ and ‘Thinker’. The ‘Luna’ music video launch at Venice Piazza, McKinley last September 7 was promptly followed by its national debut through MYX. Though Capacities delved much on a heavier side by reinventing a little of what we used to hear from UDD (e.g. surprising dancey ‘Turn It Well’) as they slightly detached themselves from the weepy trend giving the loyal audiences a somewhat alienated feel, the key elements such as notable riffs and airy guitars to which people fell in love with them evidently traces back to some of the heart-wrenching, sentimental ballads, such as ‘Luna’, laying a diversion of jazz permutations, heady synthesizers, that luminously blends with the lyrical Armi Millare vocals. And while I’m still trapped with the ‘Turn It Well’ magic up to this time, my heart’s slowly building a more likable attitude towards ‘Luna’ and the accompanying video sprung from the tune.

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